Sometimes in life you just have to admit you need to move on.

And so it is with us, as this month we’ll be leaving Sheffield (safe in Will’s hands, no doubt) for pastures new. Sadly we won’t even get to enjoy the inside of its magical pubs..

…or Stones Bitter on cask.

BUT I feel I’ve visited all the pubs now, and walked most of the streets, and learnt how to say “M’duck“. It’s time to move on.

There’s other reasons. Yorkshire and the Humber is a hotbed of Covid right now, and I need to feel safer.

I’m scared that the 3 cats trespassing in our garden are carrying the plague, they look evil.

Talking of trespassers, James keeps popping round uninvited, it’s getting Mrs RM down.

We’re able to move upmarket, now that I’ve discovered how much that Sophie B Hawkins vinyl in my collection is worth (low/mid/upper prices listed).

How does Mrs RM feel about the move ? Well, having finished the refurb I think she’s ready for a new challenge.

And as she said when I asked her “I do whatever my husband tells me“. But you knew that.

20 thoughts on “BYE BYE SHEFFIELD

  1. Reading between the lines I think we can all see just how disappointingly gentrified you’ve found Sheffield on your explorations. It’s just not the honest plated cutlery and buttered Breadcake experience you were hoping for. Dry your eyes though fella, Corby will see you right for proper working class pubbing, Corby Rolls, and Tartan Bitter. Welcome home Martin*

    *wipe your feet before entering please.

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      1. Still looking for the right management apparently, this could be your opportunity to get back into the workplace, all the smooth Stout you can drink, and without fear of any local CAMRAs darkening your doorstep.

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      2. Do Sam Smiths tenants actually work ? I thought they just slept and let the locals serve themselves while they keep their child on lookout for Sir Humphrey, ready to whip out his favourite dessert (Ecclefechan tart in Corby I guess).


      1. Yes, amazing what you can achieve with “photospoof” – who would really believe a Sophie B Hawkins LP would fetch more than Spandau Ballet’s True ?


  2. In other news, Humphrey Smith announces the immediate cessation of brewing in Tadcaster and the relocation of operations to a floating brewery in Lerwick Harbour. Cask OBB will be delivered to local pubs by Shetland pony.


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