Enough of Guess the Pub, have a “Guess the pleasant village without the pub“.

Nice aerial view,

typically weird English village name combining two things you haven’t seen in ages,

I know you like your sporting clues. The population of this village is a favourite number of Gillespie, while the football clue will lead you to a place that used to sell real ale.

But now sells that stuff at the top of the page.


  1. Ah, the good old days of football, when Scottish teams were packed full of players with Scottish names – Scottish surnames like McGrain, Lennox and Dalglish, and Scottish first names like Willie (pronounced Wullie, of course), Drew and Kenny.

    Yes, you’re right, I am trying to cover up for the fact that I haven’t the faintest idea what the clues mean. A village called Slave-revolt Parchment where they make spinach and ricotta tagliatelli? I did look up Gillespie, but it was gibberish: “In probability theory, the Gillespie algorithm (or occasionally the Doob-Gillespie algorithm) generates a statistically correct trajectory (possible solution) of a stochastic equation system for which the reaction rates are known.”

    That is going to keep me awake for several hours tonight. Thanks.

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    1. More clues – Gillespie. Think Yorkshire.
      The record – research the band.
      The parchment – not quite. Where’s it made.

      If it helps, you have been to the pub when it was a sort-of pub. Sort of.


      1. Jason Gillespie, the Yorkshire CCC coach, was born on 19 April 1975 (19/4/75). The leader of The Farm was Peter Hooton. The parchment represents Magna Carta (the “big charter” signed under duress by King John). Hooton Magna was an earlier name of what is now Hutton Magna, a village in North Yorkshire, and 194 is its population. This was where, in October 2015, I took a couple of photos of the Oak Tree Inn, which was closed at the time and I think its hours were probably not very conducive to providing the odd half of Black Sheep Bitter to a passing cyclist, hence it has now ceased trading and was reported on Pubs Galore in December 2020 as being for sale for £429,000. Local industry includes Sarah Bowen Lighting, KH Make Up Artistry and the only place in Yorkshire where you can get genuine hand-rolled tagliatelli. OK, I made up the last one because it is now midnight.

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      2. My first thought on seeing Peter Hooton was Hooton Pagnell, but I didn’t pursue the possible connection of the second clue to Pagnell. The population there equals Jason Gillespie’s record score of 201 after coming to the crease as a nightwatchman.

        It’s amazing what you can find on Google. Most of it total garbage.

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    1. “1903’s” own site describes it as a “gastro pub restaurant” so whether that makes it still a pub or not is – I wearily concede – probably open to debate.

      It’s better than being flats though whatever.

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