On (I read) the hottest March day since before BRAPA was conceived, I headed down to chat to Mum and Dad in a field. Oh, and to take them some of Mrs RM’s chocolate cake that she’s not allowed to eat.

It’s MUCH busier on the dual carriageways this week, as the good people of South Yorkshire unleash the shackles and head out to admire closed pubs in Maltby, Greasorough and Tuxford.

Still, it’s only 2:20 hours home and I thought I’d brave a stop in Stamford now the Covid has left Rutland.

It’s twinned with Kutna Hora, a kebab shop in Woking, you know.

A quick coffee and cake, some photos of achingly beautiful golden stone pub for the readers, a free loo stop. Ideal.

Three small problems.

1.The part-time drivers are back, wobbling out of Wothorpe without a rightward glance and nearly ending my blogging career.

2. If anything it was TOO sunny for my little camera, if that’s possible. I also left the flash on which never helps. It’s time for Mrs RM to pass me down her phone with its inevitably superiors lens, I fear.

Oh, and 3. There’s no-one about, and it’s lovely but a bit dull.

Still, nothing can diminish the George (top) or the Millstone, now recovered from Storm Doris per What Pub.

If you haven’t been, you really should. Come on Sunday night for karaoke at the Golden Fleece, when it feels more like a real place than the tourist photos suggest.

Not many people know that Stamford has served as the setting for several TV dramas, such as Boys from the Black Stuff and Shameless.

I bought an adequate coffee and sausage bap/cob/roll for ยฃ2.99 in a side street and spilt it down my trousers.

A decade ago I started and attempt to do all the pubs in Stamford; stalling at “C”. Sadly, since then the Sam Smiths pubs have both gone keg.

But, keg or not, St Mary’s Vaults still looks a bit BRAPA-tastic to me;

There’s more to life than cask.

10 thoughts on “A STAMFORD STOP

  1. I will do a visit when the world is redeemed.:)
    Thanks for the tour Martin ..an enticing destination..

    “Thereโ€™s more to life than cask.”……
    ..probably but its a big ask ”

    After Philip Larkin ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. I’m all in favour of a Clerihew Corner or its like, Graeme.

      I’m quite fond of this enduring pearl from Humbert Wolfe –

      You cannot hope to bribe or twist,
      Thank God! the British journalist.
      But, seeing what the man will do,
      Unbribed, there’s no occasion to.


      1. I’m not sure, Graeme, I think that a Clerihew needs four lines?

        There are plenty of memorable two-liners like yours though.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I went to Stamford once. In a bid to escape the poshness, I visited Card Factory, the Post Office and a bakers. Reminded me of a small but more pretentious version of Cambridge. Very high standard of cake made and nice young ladies in the card shop.


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