Oooooh ! For me ?

The other day Mrs RM called me while I was out hunter-gathering for beer somewhere and asked me;

What was the name of that pub on the beach ?

I couldn’t remember. “Something coch ?, near the Spoons with Mushroom Benedict “. Men NEVER admit they’ve no idea.

It was this one;

the mighty Ty Coch on the Llyn Peninsula.

Unlike women, I NEVER say “Why do you ask, dear ?“. Perhaps it had turned up in an episode of Pretty Little Liars, which Mrs RM is onto Serie 87 of.

So I was surprised and overjoyed to get back to The Music Room tonight*

and find these;

Authentic Ty Coch and Bass cushion cases, and those Bass mats.

I won’t have a word said against her, you know. No-one else buys me presents, except that nice BRAPA bloke,

and Amber Valley Mark of course.

Just saying.

*Yes, I finally got those wires for the Hi-Fi into the right holes without causing it to explode.

15 thoughts on “Oooooh ! For me ?

  1. That Hi-Fi component rack’s a bit wider than it needs to be, Still, more space to put cassettes when you finally get that tape deck.

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      1. I bought one of those Walkman-like things a few years ago to convert all my cassettes to mp3. Got bored after about 2 days. It was quite deflating at how many seemed to be suffering from dropout.


  2. “It was this one;”

    At least you had one reply with one of the right words in it. 🙂

    “Authentic Ty Coch and Bass cushion cases, and those Bass mats.”

    Very cool. Very, very cool! Congrats!

    “No-one else buys me presents, except that nice BRAPA bloke,”

    He was just sucking up to you for free rides around to hard to get to pubs. 😉


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