Two of the hardest words to spell in the Welsh language, here attempted in the same blog title.

Phwoar would be a good word to describe our campervan stop at Foryd Bay south of Caernarfon, which I bring you here due to the joy of staring at Welsh OS extracts.


We were moved on twice by an aggressive farmer with a 100k worth of tractor, before settling on the picnic area in the middle of the map.

The boat is NOT a micro pub

Too far to walk back to Caernarfon in the rain, so Mrs RM had to settle for a can of SpeakEasy from Vale of Glamorgan.

Is this the smallest pub in the UK ?

Readers should be aware that Mrs RM turned down two alternative craft offerings;

As you know I don’t drink bottled beer

Tastes like Brew Dog” said she.  At least Bass doesn’t taste like Brew Dog.

We saved breakfast for our first ever trip to the Llyn Pensinsula. An astonishing life omission, and not just because of 3 GBG entries.

The Llyn

Much more rugged and hilly than expected, and therefore very different from Anglesey, but in all other respects what you’d expect.  Gorgeous beaches, cheery people, distinctive churches, tatty shops.

Old church
Old shops
Pastel colours

Actually, as the photos show, Pwllheli was colourful and characterful, reminiscent of a north Kent coast resort that isn’t called Whitstable.

OK, no micro pub, but every conceivable bargain shop and places selling porcelain pigs and (more concerningly) Hitler and the Wombles memorabilia..

More pigs
and Kevin Keegan

Hours of fun pouring over those, no doubt.  But we had one target.

Pen Cob – the Spoons

I’d assumed the Pen Cob might be the only real ale in town, but far from it.


Loads of cask in the 5 What Pub entries, some of it very local, so I may be back here quicker than expected.

The Spoons was what was expected, which is no bad thing.


From a “tight” range the perfect 9am beer for Mrs RM was this floral effort from the ever reliable Purple Moose, surely the Titanic or Oakham of North Wales.

Great pump clip dispenses with need for evil jam jars#

But the beer is largely irrelevant.  This was just the cheeriest Spoons I’ve been in since the Tivoli caught fire, with staff who were “so nice”  (says my notes).

“Mushroom Benedictine ?.  Sorry, my name’s Benedictine, I meant Benedict.  Oops

I swear to you I didn’t make that up.

Mushroom Benedictine

Oooh. You’re the FIRST people* to try that new mushroom one.  Is it good ?”

It really was good, even better than the ham version. Once more, Spoons delivers top class service.  The new self-service coffee machine still broke though.


*I presume in the world since this is so far west.









18 thoughts on “PHWOAR ! PWLLHELI

      1. Expected you to say that you had found a GBG listed micropub that only opens on a Sunday – except as Sunday opening is not legal in the settlement in question, it does not open at all !

        Liked by 1 person

      2. :-
        “By 1996 all local government areas except Dwyfor in north west Wales had voted in favour of opening licensed premises on Sundays, and that year changes in local government boundaries resulted in the removal of the last ban”.
        So “yes” is the answer to your question.
        Of course, I was being provocative in suggesting that there might be a micropub in the GBG that does not actually open at all.


  1. “Phwoar would be a good word to describe our campervan stop”

    I thought phwoar was mainly a compliment to a good looking bird? (no, not the puffin)

    “due to the joy of staring at Welsh OS extracts.”

    What’s with the coeds in the upper right quadrant?

    “The boat is NOT a micro pub”

    I thought it was a funeral boat that missed the tide.

    “As you know I don’t drink bottled beer”

    So, the one on the left is merely a keepsake then?

    “and Kevin Keegan”

    Is he the one with the mustache in the window? 😉

    “Great pump clip dispenses with need for evil jam jars#”

    I agree. Not a bad idea.

    “the perfect 9am beer”

    Over here, any beer at 9am would be perfect. I think they’re not allowed to sell alcohol until 11am. (sigh)


    PS – Not going to nitpick over an uncapitalised first word. 🙂

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  2. “It’s a complete contrast to the manic mess in Aberwythwyth” – Yes, and in the Aber one last year I think the kitchen was closed due to a problem from lack of maintenance, but they’ve now got netting up to stop the seagulls clearing your plates.
    Proximity to a railway station is probably all they have in common.

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  3. Before the Spoons arrived it must be said that Pwllheli had a pretty thin crop of pubs. Welsh Wales in general is not the best part of the UK for pubs.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Phwllheli, with a population of a mere 4,076 according to Wkipedia, is one of the smallest towns in the country to have a Spoons, although of course that figure is boosted during the holiday season.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. When I was there (20/05/13) in pre-Spoons days, I couldn’t find a pub serving food and ended up in a rather crappy cafe/restaurant type place.

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  4. “Is this the smallest pub in the UK ?”
    Interesting that nobody took you up on that challenge.
    Someone must have a garden shed…….?


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