On the Tuesday morning we reluctantly woke ourselves at 7am to get an early start on Snowdon, leaving this view from our layby in Conwy.


Mrs RM has been telling folk on Facebook she’s climbing Snowdon for ages, so there was no turning back, despite the debilitating effects of the previous night’s exertions in the Albion.

Route in full

It’s a fun walk, though the halfway house cafe lacks craft beer and crackling, and the steep rocky climb near the summit where you’re overtaken by runners with dogs is a bit tiresome.

Nearly there Mrs RM

On our 3rd ascent we had perfect conditions, a sighting of Matt le Tissier, sun at the top, and some drama when a helicopter landed at Clogwyn to rescue someone, delaying the trains for a couple of hours.

Le Matt
From the top you can see craft beer

Of course, the highlight is giving folk you pass on the way down false encouragement (“nearly there”, ” there’s Bass at the top” etc).

Of course, I’d parked a mile short of the startline (the ice cream shop), so Mrs RM had to drag her sore heels a bit further than she wanted, but 7 hours there and back a creditable performance.

I rewarded her with a pint in the Pant Yr Ardd (“pant garden” says Google translate) in Talgarth, just off the A5 and with a nice turning circle for our campervan.

Very much a locals pub, one that avoided earlier ticking efforts with 4pm opening.

A curates egg of a pub

“Solid” is the word for this curate’s egg of a pub. Who was this curate ? Did she drink craft ?

I asked for Sandstone, being the name I could read on the pumps.

“Which one. They’re all Sandstone”.

Never heard of them

I found a picture of their brewery for you.

90% of the trade was Fosters, the cask was served so chilled it could have been KeyKeg, but very tasty indeed, approaching NBSS 3.5 when accompanied by classic crisp flavours.

“Is that Rita Ora ?” asked Mrs RM, repeatedly, presumably referring to the telly as she wasn’t playing pool.

No Rita Ora

The highlight, of course, was the rare pink elephant charity box.


Though it was also a brave measure to replace the condom machine with a Pringles dispenser.

Kebab flavour, say my notes

We ended the evening arguing with farmers in Caernarfon, as all things must.


  1. Ah,the old let’s use some unwanted crappy white leather furniture in the pub instead of taking it to the dump and hope no-one notices style of decor.
    Place looks a kip tbh.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Yes.
        On the wagon to get beach body ready for the summer.
        Just not used to sleeping well and waking up full of the joys of Spring.
        It makes me grumpy.

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  2. Finally managed some roast pork. The scrumptious and copious crackling was well the wait.

    Cheap beer too at €2.80 per half litre, and good value as well at Munich Airport’s Airbrau (€2.75).

    No Draught Bass though!

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  3. Always a pleasure to see a bag of Walkers crisps in one of your posts, as I know it represents a sort of pub going bliss that can’t quite be put into words.

    Loved the line about giving people false encouragement. Judging from your experiences at the pub, seems they’d have been hoping for Fosters at the top, poor saps. 😉

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  4. “Snowdon” and “Conwy”

    Again, nice photos. (thumbs up)

    “Mrs RM has been telling folk on Facebook she’s climbing Snowdon for ages”

    To be fair, she could have meant that to mean the climb itself will take ages. 🙂

    “Le Matt”

    I prefer the meine liebe on the left. 😉

    “From the top you can see craft beer”

    So, that’s the Rockies in the distance then?

    “A curates egg of a pub”

    Oooh! Comfy chairs!

    ““Which one. They’re all Sandstone”.”


    “when accompanied by classic crisp flavours.”

    Very appropos, having Walkers after your walk. 🙂

    “was the rare pink elephant charity box.”

    I can make out it is for impaired vision or some such. Not surprising considering I can’t make heads nor tails out of the top line. 😉

    “Kebab flavour, say my notes”

    Genius! Eat the Pringles, then use the container as a condom.


    PS – “(“pant garden” sats Google translate)”

    Somehow I don’t think Google is using satellites to check if your pants are falling down again. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL, thanks for that Martin. 🙂

        For now, I think I’m good with replying to the remarks of others (using them as a foil so to speak).*

        You guys give me the inspiration (or supply the fodder). If things change, I’ll consider making the Rants of Russtovich, or some such. 🙂


        * – that’s not to say that I can’t come up with the “whole cloth” on my own. Every year I write a birthday and Mother’s Day poem for my mom, as well as a birthday, Christmas and Anniversary poem for my wife. They both say I should submit some of what I write to Hallmark Greeting cards. 😉


      2. “I wrote a Birthday card once. It said “from Dad”.”

        And if you’d prefaced it with “to my lad” it would classify as a poem! 😋

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  5. Mark Le Tissier, brother of Matt, is Chairman and General Manager of Guernsey FC.
    Matt doesn’t seem to play for them or have an “official” role with the club, but he is heavily involved in fundraising for them – golf days, sportsmen’s dinners and the like.

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