We’re staying wild in Conwy tonight in our campervan. The Americans we met tonight call it “Boondogging“, which sounds like a cross between something unmentionable and a Marston’s beer.

View from our campervan

What a gorgeous place this is, particularly when you’re not paying Β£80 a night to stay here.

Famous Conwy balloon

Down by the quayside, one pub was taking most of the afternoon custom.

Liverpool Arms

With gentlefolk, Americans, bikers and boozers, it felt like a Bank Holiday Monday, rather than the quiet before the storm.

Silver dream machine

I can only assumes that Bangor and Prestatyn decant en masse to Conwy at the first sign of a blue sky.

The Liverpool, named after a group of 21st century coach attackers, looked rather splendid and pubby with most folk outside topping up their tans.

Weird stools
Vague nautical theme

Unpretentiously touristy, I call it, and without any obvious afternoon food trade free to concentrate on selling well known lagers. And lesser spotted cask.

Ian Thurman’s seminal work on Bass outlets tells us that you’re more likely to spot Mikkeller’s Peter Paul & Mary on draft than Bass these days, so snap it up, folks.

Actually I’ve had better than this (NBSS 2.5); Mrs RM’s Exmoor was much cooler. She resisted the urge to say

That Bass, it’s not all that

Still, the pub had Fleetwood Mac and ELO and Springsteen, and fulfilled the role of Proper Pub rather better than the micro place next door.

30 thoughts on “CONWY COINS IT

  1. The last time I was in there (almost exactly five years ago) it seemed a little down-at-heel, but it seems to have been smartened up a bit since then, albeit at the cost of a pastel-shaded bar front. Still, they’ve retained the hooks.

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  2. “Famous Conwy balloon”

    As a tourist attraction I’m sure it goes over like a lead one. πŸ˜‹

    “Liverpool Arms”

    What a great looking pub. πŸ‘

    “Silver dream machine”

    Pfft. That’s just a fancy mobility scooter. 😁

    “with most folk outside topping up their tans.”

    What, no blacks? πŸ˜‰

    “Weird stools”

    Pfft. You should have seen my fecology tests a few weeks ago. 😳

    “so snap it up, folks.”

    Totally understand that sentiment Martin.

    Oh and I was just kidding about that fecal thingy. Just got back home from my physical. All of my lab work was fine and my blood pressure is excellent so… yay me!
    (obviously the daily beers aren’t a problem) πŸ‘πŸ˜Š


    PS – “I can only assumes”

    Is that a use of the Royal ‘I’? 😏

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      1. Thanks Martin. Mrs Russ has been given the all clear by one doctor, the one for the second surgery should give her his all clear tomorrow. πŸ™‚

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  3. It was interesting to me how busy Conwy was compared to Llandudno. I liked both places, but Conwy was packed and Llandudno was relatively quiet. Great part of the UK.

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    1. Really ? I suspect Conwy is a daytrip rather than night-time destination, and it’s much smaller.

      We spent 3 hours chatting to 2 Americans from Maryland, just retired and touring UK pubs. Great idea I said.


  4. Always fun on a sunny Sunday afternoon when you fancy another pint at the Albion followed by some chips but the town’s solitary cash machine has run out of cash.

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      1. Ian is probably engaged watching Birmingham’s top side trying to regain their place in the Premier League.
        Just remind me who he played for again ?


  5. “Where you from Fred ? I like to take the mick out of my readers’ home towns”.
    Lived in Oxford for quite a while.
    My home town won’t get you much additional mileage in mick-taking terms – it’s the beautiful Berkshire town of Maidenhead.


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