More live blogging from North Wales, where Mrs RM has just conquered Snowdon.

No Bass in the cafe at the top, so a wasted journey, but one less place to cross off the list of possible Bass venues.

Mrs RM had been in training for the ascent for some hours, culminating in a four pints and pizza session last night.

To be fair, we also walked the Conwy walls.

The walk along the chimney pots is gorgeous, and perfect for reminding you where the pubs are.

Our first post-Bass pints were at the Bank, a fairly convincing attempt to bring craft over the walls.

By coincidence, it’s a bank conversion, with the Prosecco still locked away in the vaults.

We stuck to Heavy Industry and Beavertown.

Full marks to the barman who didn’t flinch when I asked which cask was selling quickest, and gave me step by step directions to the Heavy Industry brewery. Cool, foamy, lacings, NBSS 4.

I sense that Coldwell chap would like this place, if he hasn’t already blogged about it.

But pubs aren’t about beer. They played “In an English country garden”‘and “Surfin USA” side by side.

The only other customers were a couple of retired Man City fans (try it folks) who stepped in off the train for a San Miguel.

Top place, with more to come.

17 thoughts on “TAKE IT TO THE BANC

  1. Once again, luverly photos.

    “By coincidence, it’s a bank conversion,”

    G’wan. Really? πŸ™‚

    “But pubs aren’t about beer.”

    I take it the Wild Horse lineup is keg?

    “Top place, with more to come.”

    It most certainly looks it.


    PS – “still locked away on the vaults.”

    I usually lock my stuff ‘in’ the vaults. πŸ™‚


  2. “No Bass in the cafe at the top, so a wasted journey, but one less place to cross off the list of possible Bass venues”.
    Was there any ale at all in the cafΓ© at the top, or is it keg only ?


      1. Did you fail to convince them that Bass would quadruple their trade, as well as securing their place in the GBG (Good Bass Guide) ?
        The only thing that could be better than Bass would be Wolverhampton Bass ?

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      1. “Keep it clean.”

        Keeping it clean indeed. πŸ˜‰

        My wife’s big-arse commercial fridge conked out Tuesday night. Spent most of Wednesday frantically trying to squeeze all of her food into our own fridge. I (sadly) had to make room in my beer fridge. (sigh)

        Luckily, in a way, she had meals lined up for 160 school kids (monthly thing) so that took a bit of the load off as she took it out to start cooking (spaghetti and meatballs plus macaroni and cheese). It meant I drove the lunch truck all day and when I got home we cleaned out the now dormant big-arse fridge. With luck the fridge guy will be here Thursday or, at worst, Friday.


        PS – You forgot Si’s and Pubmeister’s and Pubhermit’s (and some others once in a while). πŸ™‚


  3. Your and Mrs RM’s ascent of Snowdon makes our climb yesterday of the Marienburg in Wurzburg, pale into insignificance. Not much in the way of beer at the top either, although I suspect there would have been some bottlesin the cafe, had we bothered looking. Great view over the city though.

    Have ascended Snowdon twice, but never seen more than mist and low cloud.


    1. Well, Paul, I’m still jealous of your Wurzburg trip. I didn’t climb the tower, but loved the city. Yet to find a German town I haven’t loved.

      This was my 3rd ascent of Snowdon and first clear day so try again πŸ˜‰

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