I often find myself defending Wetherspoons against lowest common denominator criticism across the beer blogs I follow.

With trips to Glasgow and Cornwall coming up, I’ll be able to observe some features of Spoons that often feature – beer quality, service, table cleanliness, drunkenness and craft beer take up.

Writing this in the large central Cambridge Spoons now, my main observations are;

busy on a Monday

wide mix of ages and dining/drinkers

– served within a minute by friendly staff

real ale very good (4 on CAMRA Scale)

high calorie count on food

Spoons perceived as a “smart” place

Be good when the Tivoli reopens after the fire – that has a really large customer spread.

Update note 2/3/16 – still no news on Cambridge’s Tivoli – sorely missed

5 thoughts on “ALL HUMAN LIFE IS HERE

  1. The fact that in many locations Spoons are perceived as “smart” is something that is never really picked up in general beer writing. I remember being struck by this in Bridlington, and it must also be true in many of the smaller Northern industrial towns where they have opened branches.


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