20150829_100401.jpgTorrential rain curtailed our plans for exploration of the wild side of the M3 (Hook) and the top of the table Women’s match at Staines – well done to City fans who did go.

I did eventually get a walk into Cambridge central in to make up my minimum 10 mile daily walk, and made a rare trip to the Live and Let Live. The Live is one of a half dozen dozen celebrated ale houses just off Mill Road, with an atmosphere akin to Stockport’s Old Vic. It’s a very cosy place to read a book.

The Live is often quiet, but seems to accomodate a wide range of Cambridge society, and does enough trade to maintain high standards of beer (Nethergate) and particularly cider.  More women than men were drinking beer, which says a lot about Cambridge.  No keg craft but Belgian bottles.

This would be the stand-out pub in 90% of large UK towns, and hasn’t changed in 20 tears, apart from dropping food. A classic.

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