It’s turned bitterly cold here in t’north, so my daily walks need some fortifying Breakfast Stout before I set out.

Whatever happened to the plain old un-twisted award-winning Breakfast Stout we know and love ? Why is there an obsession with changing things that work ? I blame CAMRA.

Just a short walk round the industrial bits of Kelham Island, away from the artisan bakeries, brewery taps and (vegan) flea markets.

Still lots of official art, but the fading ’50s signs are the big draw.

If you wondered what Lockdown meant, come here. EVERY building, whether roofing or ducting or German car parts or sourdough, all churning out GDP. “Strengthen the Lockdown !” screams Mumsnet, before complaining that their latest Amazon delivery is an hour late.

I stop to photograph this picture which perfectly captures what industrial Kelham feels about hipster Kelham.

Seconds later, a white van slowly pulls up alongside me, and winds down the window. I expect a gun to be pulled, but then realise I’m watching too much Finnish police drama (“Deadwind” – great).

“Oi mate, what you taking pictures of”.

I show him. He laughs and speeds off, leaving me to my art.

There’s quite a few bobble hats and pashminas crossing the Don, snapping the art.

It looks lovely, and sad.

Have a pub, of sorts, to end.

The Michelined Milestone sadly wasn’t reviewed by Alan. Or Will. So here’s a complaint from “Peter”;

“They ran out of clams for the clam & mussels dish, the black pudding & pigs head and the fried tofu starters were woefully small


25 thoughts on “ART FOR ART’S SAKE

  1. Why does a certain type so often assert a right, to demand of what people are taking pictures?

    Was he asking “on behalf of The Lads”?

    No argument then, is there?

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    1. He thought I was taking a picture of his van, parked underneath that sign. Same thing happened i=to me when I took a pic of a Barnsley micro with a van parked (legally) outside last year. Had to show him my phone to prove I hadn’t taken a shot with his stupid van in it (I hadn’t; vehicles ruin shots of pubs).


      1. Well, I suppose that if you’re running a cash-in-hand schtick, but claiming to the taxman that you haven’t any work then you do get a bit jumpy, perhaps.

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    1. I totally agree. Imagine going to Japan and having to eat the stuff, so as not to offend ones’ hosts. Fortunately I had a large glass of beer, at hand with which to wash the tasteless, rubbery abomination down! Kentish Paul.

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      1. T’other Paul,
        But at least a bow of the head from a foreigner is usually sufficient as most Japanese people don’t expect foreigners to know the detailed bowing rules ranging from a small nod of the head (casual and informal) to a deep bend at the waist (indicating respect).


  2. I’ve reviewed it though! Hopefully you’ll be able to take the missus when it reopens as the food is excellent. Sadly the beer selection was Bombardier only last time we visited.

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    1. Ian,
      Bombardier has been the only cask beer in a few pubs near me for many years and it’s just right for ‘ordinary’ pub goers in the Midlands who wants a proper beer that’s not as well hopped as Pedigree.

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  3. They used to stock Sheffield Brewery’s Seven Hills and another changing Sheffield Brew. I suspect that they got offered enough money to persuade them to go down the nationals route. I did ask why they’d stopped selling the local beer, but the barman was new and didn’t know anything really.

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  4. “Why is there an obsession with changing things that work ?”

    Agreed. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 🙂

    “and (vegan) flea markets.”

    All flea markets are inherently vegan. Fleas only drink blood. 😉

    ““Strengthen the Lockdown !” screams Mumsnet, before complaining that their latest Amazon delivery is an hour late.”


    * Can mums actually wank?

    “I show him. He laughs and speeds off, leaving me to my art.”

    I was expecting the typical ‘man in a van’.

    “Have a pub, of sorts, to end.”

    It almost has trees growing out of it! 😉


    Wankers would also work nicely here. 🙂



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