Due to overwhelming public demand, another Guess the Pub to brighten your weekend, as I head to the ugly duckling of the Beer Guide.

Lincolnshire wouldn’t quite have finished bottom of my Counties League Table last year; I like a couple of the coastal resorts and the county town is a gem.

Even our mystery pub is in a town with a few merits, mainly floral, and the OS extracts are quaint.

Stumped ?

This national hero (to most) is the town’s most famous advocate.

And because this is the day for people pointing, here’s some ghostly visitors with what look like weird braces on their way for a pint of XB.

Actually, our well-placed pub doesn’t stock the county beer, and is never going to get a visit from the Proper Pubs Sub-Committee of the Beer & Pubs Forum.

But the Black Sheep was spot on when I was here last, not a million years before Lockdown.

I reckon that beer board is the key to unlocking today’s quiz. But if you’re at a loss, don’t get cross; stay calm like JVT.


      1. She was going to Ireland but I don’t think Limerick.
        She had been spending a couple of weeks touring Europe including a couple of days in Britain and got talking to me on the train from Chester. Being very interested in life over here she keenly joined me in the Boston and said she wanted whatever I was drinking. After a pint or few of Ansells I asked if she was having anything from the nearby chip shop and she replied “After that good English beer I don’t need any food” before heading rather unsteadily towards the ferry.

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      2. Yes, and I’ve just realised that the next Americans I met have a similar enthusiasm for proper British pubs and beer. Their names are Dick and Dave.

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  1. I have the street view of the Bateman’s pub with the church behind, but would I be right in saying that that’s not the pub that you mean, but one close by, hence your reference to the beers on the board?

    I can’t get any interior shots to confirm.


      1. You nearly had me with the Britannia, Martin. Then I wondered if the beer board was in the Stump and Candle.

        I ignored the Church Keys at first, but then saw that it offered interior shots, and there we were – it appears not as a pub but a restaurant and wine bar on Google maps.

        (I started by searching “Gowt” on Google maps and the village was among the results.)


  2. I was misled by your OS map extract to look at the Malcolm Arms at Anton’s Gowt outside the town. And of course the Britannia (the photo seems to be from the bridge near the Wetherspoons) and the nearby Stump & Candle also looked like possibles, especially as the latter is from your favourite pub chain, Craft Union.

    This was a lot harder than the two in Berkshire and Hampshire.


    1. Well, if – as I didn’t – we’d wiki’d Van Tam, then thanks to Martin’s express tip we’d have known straight off that it was Boston.

      So maybe not so hard?

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    Well, if you’re going to have links to other websites for clues this should be easy! 🙂

    Hmm. After reading all of that, I’m stumped! 🙂

    But, for the sake of participation I’ll guess the Malcolm Arms, only because it appears to be the only one in Anton’s Gowt. 😉



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