Is there any more beer ?” asked Mrs RM just now. I looked.

The only one of those she’d find palatable is in the Dulux tin. Oh well, more for me.

Enough of beer. How am I passing the time while Mrs RM paints the living room ?

Walking, the blog, and Mumsnet, mostly.

Honestly, I don’t know how I got by before Mumsnet.

The walks have been a bit restricted by the walk there’s only 4 directions I can walk; north, south, east and west. That will improve when I’m allowed to use the tram, I guess.

Mrs RM joined me on my latest stroll into Kelham, mainly so she could assess the value we got in Walkley with overpriced Kelham Island.

She showed no interest in the decor along scruffy Infirmary Road.

Fans of fonts will appreciate the White House and the George IV, but I adore the Bull’s Head.

You’ll know the Valley of Beer isn’t short of a good pub or seven, but would you live here ?

£248k will buy you a 2 bedroom duplex in Little Kelham, the “sustainable” development running between the Fat Cat, which you know, and Stew & Oyster, about which I can tell you nothing.

Oooh, a Sardinian bistro” says Mrs RM, who seems to have forgotten that we’re in a Lockdown as she’s just left the house for the first time since Christmas.

Nice development, poor value, and it must be frustrating if you moved in expecting to enjoy all that Kelham has to offer.

What’s striking is how much potential the area still has,

the dereliction of George Barnsley & Sons rubbing shoulders with Peruvian vegan street food at V or V.

Love that “&”

I love the way the two worlds mesh seamlessly round here; let’s hope it survives till The Big Restart.


  1. You look overdue for a wander along Rivelin Valley Road.
    Lots still there still to explore, and the chance to work out the most efficient pub wanders for post lockdown. You could offer guided tours to future students to ensure they don’t miss out as much as #1 son has.

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  2. Is “The Big Restart” a northern version of “The Great Reset” that’s replaced Broccoli as the liveliest discussion on Discourse ?

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      1. Discourse is probably only for those not of a nervous disposition.
        I try to avoid it like I do dentists, shops and cars.

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      2. I recommend Discourse if you wish to spend your days reading pointless arguments about the European Union or the Pandemic, rather than the REAL issue of how CAMRA will recompense us for the loss of value for our unused vouchers.

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    1. “The Big Restart” is an evil meisterplan designed by Tim Martin and the bloke who runs Donnington Brewery which sees the neural mind implant in the vaccine forcing people back to their pubs, even if they’re beer tickers.

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