Sunday seemed a good day to explore the Cholera Grounds.

James joined me, forcing Mrs RM to stay at home with the Pastry Sours and the painting.

Following the map above will give you a varied 2 hour walk with fun for all the family, except of course you’re only allowed to walk with one other person and NEVER with a coffee in hand.

Sheffield Castle, once home to the Queen of Scotland (not Nicola), is long gone. But the original castle ale house where Queen Mary had tutored tastings of Stones Best and Magnet remains.

James had never been in, surprisingly.

Our walk takes us up to Park Hill Flats and past the long lane where drug deals are probably concluded to the Cholera Memorial which claimed 402 lives in 1832.

From here you can see the full span of central Sheffield, including a game of association football (US : kickball) taking place at Bramall Lane between the Blades and the Spurs.

We went to investigate the activity at the ground. Oooh, a nice pub selling Doom Bar.

No sign of activity inside, not even the thud of ‘arry Kane diving for a penalty.

No fans in the pubs outside the ground buying lapel badges and fanzines, no sizzle of hot dogs and onions.

They really should never have restarted football without fans, you know.

These walks, without a beer, coffee or sit-down, start to get wearing after 90 minutes (when you’re young), and James directed me back via the ring-road and the progressively more genteel streets of Broomhall.

I think that sign says GENTEEL, anyway.

I’d never heard of the Hanover,

but Alan and Will have been, scoring a 7 and a 6 respectively on Pubs Galore.

Even keg Boddies in the Hanover seems attractive right now.


      1. I really don’t know, but probably not as high as you’re thinking. Partly because I tend not to review pubs that other reviewers have already done, partly because there are still plenty of unexplored areas in Sheffield for me. Never been to the Cholera Monument, for example, but that’s probably because there’s no real ale.

        I’ve just done a rough count of my list and got to about 150, but I may have missed some where I identified the pub as being in an area of Sheffield rather than just Sheffield, and I will have double-counted those that I’ve reviewed more than once. Pubs Galore currently lists 483 open pubs in Sheffield, but some of my reviews are of pubs that are now closed, so I have probably done something like a quarter.

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      2. Someone on the television yesterday said they had been to a hundred pubs over three years.
        I would have thought only nearer a thousand would have been worth mentioning.

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      3. In case my doctor is reading this, at least 20% of my pub visits have been for coffee, soft drinks or sips of my wife’s beer !

        But I was doing my bit to keep tills clicking those last 2 years before the fun stopped.

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  1. “They really should never have restarted football without fans, you know.”

    Bite your tongue – the Premier League and Bundesliga are the only things helping me get through this mess…

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    1. Is Sané keeping you sane ? He was my favourite at City.

      I think views on football without fans is pretty evenly divided. I think it’s a farce, like a seated gig or a half pint, but I know it’s helping some people get through this.

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