Today I was despatched by Mrs RM to the recycling centre in Shirecliffe with a ton of cardboard from the month’s B & Q, Wickes and John Lewis deliveries. It’s an essential journey; the waste attracts rats.

I stopped to admire Timber Top the only pub for miles around (well, it felt like it). Oh, it’s a car wash. Or is it dispensing Abbeydale DIPA by drive-through. Will will know.

Look closely at the big red pin and you’ll see Sam Fox House. No obvious connection between the ’80s popster and the city, you might think.

But you’d be wrong. Sam’s 3rd hit single in ’86 “Hold on Tight (the Derek Doolan way is surprisingly bendy as you pass Wicker)” is a paean to biking in Sheffield and better than anything Pulp managed till 1995.

Sam was also a hit with the Asian community, after starring in this Bollywood classic.

The killer line is “I am sorry madam. I am late because of traffic jam“.

Yes, the area around the Northern General is what we call multicultural.

The pubs have closed, but there’s cheese puffs, cashing in on that new Wotsits craze,

cheap international phone calls, barfi, and a toilet roll mountain.

If I run out of dead pubs I might start a blog called “Bollywood, Barfi and BBB“. Would Si sue ?

In honesty, the old pubs in Fir Vale aren’t great,

but there’s just enough faded grandeur to make a blog post.

I was SO pleased I noticed the ghost sign for Mackeson Stout.

Anyhow, job done, garage clear, and I bought Mrs RM a can of Thornbridge murk on the way home. Am back in good books.


  1. That bog roll mountain shop best be careful, or they could find their wares scattered on the pavement. Those Allied Bakeries delivery drivers don’t mess around if they see their trays being used for “unauthorised purposes”

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