Mrs RM is very keen for you to know the house is looking better than it did a week ago;

By the time the pubs open, it might be habitable, which is ironic as I shall be out at the pub, shan’t I ?

She’s particularly pleased with her work on the fireplace;

In case you’re wondering, the correct answer is

“It looks really nice, would you like a beer and a Dunkin Donut ?

Mrs RM has been enjoying her beers since we moved in; she should resurrect her blog, which came to a juddering halt shortly after Maidenhead (as so many things do).

Other folk on my Twitter timeline are reviewing low alcohol versions of the classics;

But Mrs RM is sticking firmly to the craft and murk.

Since Lockdown I can’t stand outside the Kelham pubs with my milk bottle anymore, so it’s been pot luck parcels from the cheerful Hop Hideout lady Jules who battles the snow and slopes to drop a parcel of stuff at the door on the Friday.

I carefully showed Mrs RM the cans, just as a wine waiter would at Pizza Hut.

We have a “Rosemary & Lemon Lichtehainer” from Abbeydale

“How strong is that ?”

“Only 5.1%”

“What’s the other one ?”

“Double Dank DIPA from Cloudwater made with hops that smell of armpit and cat wee”

“How strong is it though ?”

“Oooh, 8%”

And that’s how beer choices are made in our house.

Except, the armpit was coming through too strongly, or was ill-matched with the smiley face donut, and she went “euurgghhhh“.

So I had to drink it for her (it was great). AND the Abbeydale. AND then walk up the hill to Walkley Beer Co to buy her some proper cask murk from Abbeydale.

But she was happy, and that’s all that matters.

15 thoughts on “SMELLS LIKE ARMPIT

  1. “shortly after Maidenhead (as so many things do).” –I did laugh out loud at this!

    I’m curious as to whether Mrs. RM enjoys the “fixing things up” process, or whether it’s strictly to be regarded as a necessary evil. Our house was built in 1972, and I feel like I’ve been fixing things up ever since we got the place in 2003!

    I’ve gotta say: even I, disliking the excessively experimental craft beers as I generally do, wouldn’t say that any of them I’ve had reach the level of armpit! Then again, I’ve never had the chance to try a Cloudwater beer, so maybe that’s a glory I’ve yet to experience… 😉

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    1. I feel like I’ve been watching Mrs RM fixing things up ever since I got married in 1992, Mark !

      The new house is also about 50 years old and smaller than the one in Cambridge but with more potential as a never-ending project.

      Cloudwater makes some wonderful beer; their cask Bitter and Porter are two of the best beers I’ve ever drunk (in 2 very good pubs to be fair), and although I’m not a big fan of cans this was superb. I think it would be difficult for Cloudwater to get a foothold in the States as there are just so many similarly targeted breweries without the reputation of Brew Dog or Sam Smiths.

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  2. So would Bass smell of an unacceptable working class armpit?

    Why do craft breweries insist on descriptions that are totally off putting for 90% of beer drinkers? And shouldn’t they be arrested for squeezing felines to top up their fermenters???

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  3. Martin, next time you see Jules from the Hop Hideout, can you please pass on my best regards. I enjoyed a few beers with her, and several others, at the 2015 European Beer Bloggers, which took place in Brussels that year.

    At the time, Jules was just getting the shop off the ground, so given my previous experience of running a specialist beer shop, I was able to pass on a few tips to her.

    Glad to see from their Facebook page, that the Hop Hideout is doing alright; it certainly looks a nice place from the photos. Thanks, Paul

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    1. Hop Hideout moved from a shop to the newish Kommune food court which makes sense. We splashed out on beers there last year.

      Mrs RM isn’t a fan of sours, geuzes and saisons but I love them and Jules has supplied some crackers the last 2 weeks, including a pastry sour from Pastore in Waterbeach, the village I just left !


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