How’s the decorating ?” you ask.

Yep, time to get out for another aimless wander, down to the Don and keep walking.

The Don is actually rushing quite fast today, but Sheffield is very quiet, now Primark has closed (no joke). The trams trundle past, empty or with a solitary masked worker back home to Malin Bridge.

But the factories, and car repair works, and cranes still operate. How many more student flats does Sheffield need, and does Jarvis Cocker own EVERYTHING in town ?

James joined me on a 90 minute trek from north to east to south and back.

I thought that “A Skeg” was a good name for such a pointless walk, but apparently Skeg is an artist from Hull.

Sheffield is considered musically a poor relation to Manchester by Matt, who has clearly never heard of Def Leppard, let alone Joe Cocker (no relation).

But local band Malevolence recorded their “Sludge Metal” classic on the scary bridge that crosses the station to Park Hill, and I reckon Sheffield probably edges it on the metal stakes.

Yes, it’s really grim, but back on the deserted Hallam side of town you do get some classic pub tiling.

How good does the Rutland Arms look ?

Or the Red Deer, which I finally stumbled across, tucked off West Street with it’s never-ending Asian delights.

James had NEVER seen the Red Deer before, despite 3 years living and studying mere minutes away.

I ask you, what do they teach them at Uni ?

25 thoughts on ““AND QUIET FLOWS THE DON”

    1. It looked OK for me. Saying that to Mrs RM elicited the same response as me saying “That Donald Trump, he’s OK” to you, I suspect. The carpet is the main target. I think Christine actually enjoys it all.

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  1. When I see the phrase “A Wide Range of Real Ales” on the sign, I picture you going in there and and saying, “Look, let’s not assume that this ‘wide range’ approach is necessarily a plus. Very often I’ve found a single ale is more than enough…” πŸ˜‰

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    1. That’s exactly what I do, Mark ;-0. You know, I don’t think I’ve EVER been in a pub where someone was drinking more than one beer at the same time, so I’ve no idea why “a range” is a good thing (even people who stay a while tend to have the same beer). And everyone knows the worst restaurants are the ones with biggest menu !

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      1. Yes, I’d have thought that if you like pubs and beers generally, then your tastes aren’t going to be so narrow that you’ll be unduly disappointed with any quality, well-kept ale that isn’t excessive in any way.

        If you are, then in all honesty, I have to ask, what are you doing in a pub?

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      2. Very occasionally you come across a pub with one cask beer (it’ll normally be in a remote Yorkshire village with a power station nearby) which will be quite “challenging”; a 6% IPA or a chocolate porter or something and you’ll wonder if anyone minds and you realise that, like you, they’ll drink ANYTHING.

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  2. “β€œHow’s the decorating ?” you ask.”

    That tablecloth has GOT to go!

    “now Primark has closed (no joke)”


    “But the factories, and car repair works, and cranes still operate.”

    Don’t knock it. That kept us afloat last year selling lunchtime food to folks doing welding, heavy metal recycling and cleaning/fixing commercial fishing nets. πŸ˜‰

    “James joined me on a 90 minute trek from north to east to south and back.”

    Do that at the South Pole and you wouldn’t need the ‘back’ bit. πŸ˜‰

    “let alone Joe Cocker (no relation)”

    Be still my heart!*

    * – Saw Joe in a small bar in Toronto way back when. He fell off the stage whilst singing but recovered marvellously. πŸ™‚

    “Yes, it’s really grim”

    I’ll say!

    “How good does the Rutland Arms look ?”

    You could take the ‘R’ and the ‘M’ to put above your front door?

    “tucked off West Street with it’s never-ending Asian delights.”

    No apostrophe dear boy.

    “I ask you, what do they teach them at Uni ?”

    Whatever it is, it’s not what they were taught in the old days!*

    * – my apostrophe works πŸ™‚


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  3. Thanks for the Don reference – I am sure it will make your Cossack readers feel ‘included’.

    I have a feeling that Whitbread once had a brewery by that bridge but closed it around the early 80s?

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