My blogging ritual can now alternate between earnest assessments of 1980s North Eastern pub guides, virtual crawls round closed pubs via Google Maps, and the highlights of daily Sheffield walks.

If we were able to maintain this vaccination rate I’d get my first jab by the end of March. Hopefully in a giant Wetherspoons. We should dream.

Till then, Sheffield sleeps. On my Saturday afternoon walk I barely passed a soul, as South Yorkshire keeps Covid levels at a rate one fifth of those either side of the Thames estuary.


While there’s an unexplored street to get lost in, I’m happy, and the unloved industrial streets south of Kelham offer a grimy welcome.

Just don’t linger too long near Port Mahon (say, didn’t they become the Pogues ?).

The architectural highlight of St Vincent’s Quarter is the Cementation Furnace on Doncaster Street,

which then turns into a giant student housing area until you arrive, via three scary alleys, at a pub I really must add to the To Do List. There’s a light on, but no-one’s home.

All uphill now to the centre, which is officially reached at the Bessemer pub. I can prove that; type “Sheffield” into WhatPub and see what you get.

One of the tragedies of Lockdown is that I can’t use my 50p CAMRA vouchers in Stonegate boozers like The Bessemer offering Abbeydale and Kelham Island beer.

Finally I spot life opposite the town hall. It’s a good job they’re not carrying that picnic in Chesterfield, that’s all I can say.

Into the main pedestrianised shopping street at 3pm on a Saturday.

If I was the Daily Mail I’d apply a special technique to make it appear as if folk were literally standing on each others shoulders in order to encourage you to rage against your fellow man, of course.

The Moor Market is open for essentials, which includes a Thai takeaway that may be the best in the country.

For 30 years I’d have told you the Wrestlers pub in Cambridge was your best Thai, but the belly pork Pad Thai from Lemongrass is up there.

You’ve never seen a 21 year old, or a 56 year old, so happy at a pile of food.

16 thoughts on “SHEFFIELD SLEEPS

  1. Half man half flower pot made me smile! Weren’t they a band? 😉
    The artwork in the last photo is by Phlegm who spent many years while living in Sheffield decorating the streets and abandoned places with his artwork. As a beer drinker you will at some point visit the Rutland Arms on Brown Street where Phlegms early colour work covers the back wall of the pub. There is also an old black and white ship on the back of the Riverside pub! There was even a local beer brewed in his honour when he had his Mausoleum of The Giants Exhibition in Sheffield in 2019.
    More of his work around Sheffield on this page on my site if you are interested:
    Best wishes, Mr C 🙂


      1. I could have sworn the Halfies released an album recently. Mind you recently to me is post 2000. Have you found many Bob Todds adorning the architecture of Sheffield?


  2. I had no idea Half Man Half Biscuit were still going!
    Aha! I just clicked the link to the Rutland Arms 🙂 Through the nineties I spent far too many hours/ days/weeks in the Rutland. Back then it used to get totally rammed on a Friday and Saturday night and would be thick with tobacco smoke. (How quickly we have forgotten that bit of added ‘atmosphere’) It used to attract a great crowd and it was not uncommon to see faces from many local bands. I think it was the unofficial office for the Longpigs perhaps because they had an office just round the corner. If my memory is correct Richard Hawley took Robbie Williams to the Rutland where they got exceedingly drunk and were thrown out!

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  3. Were you not mildly (or bitterly/stoutly/sourly – but probably not brown alely* lol ) concerned that the 2 young girls outside the town hall would take offence at some creepy old man (in their perception) was taking photos of them?

    *Oh what do you expect? Humour? – sorry – going stir crazy waiting for the vaccine – one day it’ll be out and so will I, it’s just that sadly this is not the day.


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