Our house is like a bus station at the moment.

Mrs RM is back from trips to Brighton and hopefully working on her blog before a fun day in Maidenhead. Matt is actually home for the weekend from his new life giving Mancunians haircuts. And you know about me.

And finally James is now back in lovely Sheffield, in new digs a few yards from this old classic (posssibly).

Been dead a while

He’s tucked in between Kelham Island and the centre, in an old industrial area notable for squalor and a Chinese restaurant with no English transalations. It’s great.


Having unpacked his (frankly minimal) possessions on Thursday, I met him on Friday for a walk in the Sheffield sun. Nothing to do with the sole new GBG pub in Eccleshall.

As is now traditional, we met in the big Spoons for heavily microwaved breakfasts and admired the gall of a lady who’d sneaked her bacon sarnies into the Banker’s Draft in tin foil. She and Si should compare notes.

Bacon sarnies and Stella

I’m impressed that James knows his way round the city (read: the Spoons), though I spared him the history lesson on Ward’s Brewery.

Not Spoons finest moment

Ecclesall Road must have a micro climate, as virtually all the bars have front patios for Prosecco and pizza people.

The Ale Club sounds a bit like Beer House or Beer Engine either side of it, but some will see it as a better name than Eccles Ale or Gino’s @ No. 429.

Will those plants come in handy ?

You only need the pictures to know all you need to know about Ale Club,

Readable list, anyway
VERY passionfuit
This probably exactly resembles BRAPA’s flat

The first rule of Ale Club is don’t drink the Passion fruit lassi. Too late, Duncan already has.

The second rule is – visit the Gents.

Sound life advice

Pleasant barman, decent beer, no studentz till next week. James thought it nicely done, and he’s a retail expert after a summer in Pizza Hut.

Ale Club art

We strolled the Botanics, which will be full of picnics in a week’s time, and I tried to convince James that he ought to go and see Paul Chuckle while he had the chance.

Pretty and free

“Mmmm. Not sure”

An aimless dad/son wander came to an end with me failing to sell the idea of a kebab in The Wicker, and I toddled back to the train station.

Why don’t I ever pop in this one any more ?


And just where is the next tranche of new Sheffield GBG entries coming from ?


      1. Or the real life Statler and Waldorf, sitting on high in their souped up mobility scooters, pontificating on the serious matters of the day such as properly cooking vegetables and proclaiming how much better Bass was when they were young.

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      2. Yes, soon on a Northern Tour with appearances in Liverpool, Huddersfield, Manchester and Preston.

        I am reminded that Yorkshire folk drop their ‘H’s leaving Staffordshire with the only proper Eccleshall.

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  1. In answering your question as to why you perhaps don’t pop into the Old Queen’s Head these days, I reminded myself of why I don’t either, Martin.


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