At the moment I feel like an advertising billboard, promoting shows of Brackley Town, Paul Chuckle and now Echo Beach.

You’ve still got 4 hours* to get to Something Brew Inn, Rawmarsh and shout your drunken requests for this one,

which they might not otherwise play. Or “Side 2 of Crocodiles by Echo & the Bunnymen“.

Rawmarsh, heh ?

Rawmarsh 1

You won’t believe this but even a map which puts Rawmarsh into context alongside Sheffield and Wath (birthplace of William Hague) is not enough for some. I have personally met a human being who has never been to Sheff. He lives in Long Eaton.

Mind, I can’t say I’d ever stopped in Rawmarsh, and one of the big stories in this year’s GBG is TWO (count ’em) new pubs in north Rotherham.


My journey begins in Parkgate at the Fitzwilliam Arms Hotel, where a drunken family from Pontefract are recreating the deleted scenes from Eyes Wide Shut

…in a Rotherham motel.

The mile uphill through Parkgate deserves its own post, but so does Rawmarsh, home to this beauty on a hill. Greater Rotherham has some superb churches.


And plenty of those gracious civic buildings that defined the age of Victoria.

Public library

But you’re nearly all philistines and care little for culture, so here’s the pub.

Shadow proves the sun shines in Yorkshire

I enter to the sound of “Drive” by the Cars (RIP Ric), see the advert for the ’80s night and relax. Despite the giant sofa, it’s going to be alright.

Scandi feel but bench seating of a sort

A mix of drinkers on the patio, Guinness and live music, far away from the Herne rules. Hurrah !

I asked the cheery lady for Chantry, “as it’s the local one“.


“Have you tried the Abbeydale ? It’s really nice

I’m not drinking that foreign muck !” I said, pathetically attempting a bit of anti-Sheffield solidarity.

“Oh, chap here’s from the brewery !” pointing to the bloke on my right in Abbeydale kit.

Sorry, love your work, mate” I say by way of reconciliation, successfully. Black Matins, mmm.

I even added a half of his “Splendour” to my empty glass. Lovely lacings.

Meant to be hazy, stop whining

So, what should I see in Rawmarsh now I’ve walked all the way out here” I asked the nice lady.

Not a lot (“at least I’m honest !”), but Thrybergh is a lovely park and Marina Fish & Chips a splendid place for what was, inadvisably, my only meal of the day.

Proper chips

Yes, I did drink a Keo.


*Sorry, Mark. You won’t make it.


  1. My West of Ireland peasant great great grandfather and his brothers emigrated to Rawmarsh in the late nineteenth century, where after seasonal agricultural labour they became coal miners and steel workers (his daughter, my great grandmother, then crossed the Pennines to go into domestic service in Manchester, where she met my English great grandfather).

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  2. Is that a tribute band in a micropub ?
    Glam Rock tribute band Hairy Eyeball were on at the Titanic Brewery yesterday afternoon but I missed some of it as I was discussing Plum Porter with the Head Brewer.

    Am I being too cynical or curmudgeonly in thinking that “Have you tried the Abbeydale ? It’s really nice” really means “Have you tried the Abbeydale ? I don’t think it’ll be fit to sell tomorrow”?

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    1. Definitely released in January 1980 as I bought it the same week as The Pretenders album, but of course purists will tell you that 1980 was the last year of the 70s and the millennium started on 1.1.2001


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