Scary shadow

….it tolls for thee.

By now Mark Crilley will be wondering,

a) Where on earth is Brackley ?

Note politically infamous airfield

b) Is Brackley the home of the Bee Gees (or the Hee Bee Gee Bees) ?

No, Mark, surely everyone know John Donne’s Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions, which influenced ’80s popsters as diverse as Van Morrison and Limahl.

And Donne was the MP for Brackley in 1602. He really was.

And remarkably Brackley seems much as it must have been in 1602, with posh schools, wide boulevards and a pleasing absence of craft beer.

Black & White
Red Lion
My ONLY previous GBG tick here

Spick and span, a few more Knutsford style coffee shops (more cultural appropriation) than I remember, but at least they keep the pashminas out of the pubs.

This was my first trip to Brackley since 1 May 1999 (0-4), when I spotted this fella in the crowd at Town’s match with Margate.

‘ave it

Yes, this is officially the ONLY blog post to contain John Donne and Buster Bloodvessel.

Brackley plummeted into the Hellenic League that day, but have since made a Rushden-like revival to win the FA Trophy and compete with the giants like Stockport and York and Farsley since then. Take that, Wellingborough and Thrapston !

Cup fever

FA Cup fever hadn’t gripped the Greyhound.

Half a dozen on the pavement, half a dozen tradesemen in the smoking area outside, a trio of unfussy rooms left empty.

From the flagstones

VERY Northants small town boozer, a bit of a survivor in the Pub Style stakes.

Thankfully, just the three pumps, all from the home of craft.

The middle one entirely superfluous

Look, a new style hand pump for the IPA (NBSS 3), same old taste.

I’ll be back in 2039, when Brackley will be playing Manchester City and the place will be full of sour beers. I bet John Donne wrote a song about it.


  1. Thanks for the extended shout out. I can’t help thinking “By now Mark Crilley will be wondering” is your gentle way of saying, “That guy’ll be asking me questions about one thing or another again, just you wait and see.” 😉

    Speaking of which…

    This is my first time seeing Greene King’s “London Glory.” Is it any good? Looks like their attempt to go head to head with London Pride (And Bombardier, I’d have said, but they’ve changed their branding!).


      1. I think Greene King brought out London Glory just before the 2012 Olympics in London and, proving more popular than their Triumph, it’s continued ever since although I would rather have their IPA or Abbot.

        Liked by 2 people

      1. I thought Brackley’s not there and then realised I was getting confused with Bracknell where I stayed from work long ago and had a lovely pint of Draught Bass.


      2. I stayed in the Admiral Cunningham at Bracknell during March 1994.
        25½ years back is indeed LONG ago.


      3. I seem to recall getting served free Budweiser in some American theme park many moons ago when the kids were small and not costing me a fortune for a university education.
        I know Mrs PP-T and I had a small contretemps over whether she should continue with the tour for a while as I dallied by the free bar with the other like-minded dads.
        She won,obvs.
        They always do.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I was in Disley, Cheshire a few months ago and no intention of returning.
        But if it were a choice of there or Disneyland ……….

        Liked by 2 people

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