On Wednesday I had to return a load of DIY stuff to IKEA for Mrs RM, who’s been restyling our house so she can blog about it*.

On the downside, the closest IKEA is in Milton Keynes. On the upside, I’d be on my own and so not be adding to Scandinavian themed divorces in Wednesbury (2005) and Kimberley (1998).

It’s 20 years since I dined on IKEA meatballs and chips, and I’ve missed them. But a sudden health conscious pang saw me switch to “vegetable biryani and veggie meatballs“. Very good but needs curry sauce, but for £3.90 who cares.

On the way home I heard IKEA “called out” for cultural appropriation on their other lunchtime special. Apparently Swedes aren’t allowed to make jerk chicken just as Northerners aren’t allowed to make cobs.

Such are the issues getting folk upset in 2019 Britain.

I’m more upset about duff opening times in the new GBG. But up the road from Ikea and its JerkGate problems the Butchers Arms at least had a welcome.


Greens Norton is one of those golden stone Northants villages that gets a windfall once a year when the Grand Prix circus comes to town, but otherwise seems to want to compete with Clun as the quietest place on earth.


An even worse case of cultural appropriation at the Butcher’s Arms, whose owners have seen fit to turn a traditional Northants boozer into a Cheshire themed gastro.

Straight outta Wilmslow

High tables, school desks, “Prosecco Palace”. What hell is this ?

Reused school desk alert

Its Beer Guide place seems based around having local beers, never a good idea.

Jam Jars and all

I can’t fault the welcome, and the lovely terraced garden out back is a perfect environment to spot the pashmina’d Prosecco enthusiast in its natural environment.

A lovely terraced garden with plenty of pot plants, too. Just as well.

*Quite a decent blog, Evening Star in Brighton last night.


  1. Talking very loosely of cultural approriation one of my regular Brexit-bashing Irish chums staggered up to me in the pub tonight and tried the ” Isn’t Boris being undemocratic for prorouging parliament ” argument he’d vaguely heard about but didn’t really understand.
    I pointed out to him that the Dail, the Irish parliament, broke up on July 11th and isn’t due back until next Tuesday and wondered if the lack of democratic accountability for the summer had worried him,
    His eyes narrowed and you could hear the cogs in his head grinding slowly.
    His forehead furrowed as well before he replied ” The Guinness is a bit mawkish tonight I’d give it a swerve ” before wandering off.
    Normally I’d ignore such bantz but he was drinking with another chum whose brother has been on the run in South America for the last decade after a cop was killed in a Republican bank raid that went wrong.
    You have to be aware of the nuanced agenda around these parts.
    Actually the Guinness wasn’t too bad.

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  2. Eek.. Wednesbury Ikea. Hell on earth.
    They’ve built a huge new Marstons nearby (which to my knowledge he not made the guide) but even the prospect of a decent pint of pedigree will not tempt me anywhere near the place.


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