The inspiration for starting this blog came from Pub Curmudgeon (I’ll do a best of Mudgie soon); the blogs I’ve stolen from are Life After Football (the joy of boozers), BRAPA (pub observation), Pubmeister (bad puns) and Blackpool Jane, who peppers her posts with everyday items like overpriced train tickets to Ipswich, weird flavoured chocolate and phallic straws.

Jane mentioned an encounter in the wonderful Albert;

You’re Blackpool Jane, aren’t you?

And so it was that I engaged in conversation with a man I’d never met before, discussing the delights of the pubs of the Fylde Coast. He reads my blogs but has no interest in football.

But you don’t focus on that, do you? I like your observational stuff.

I know exactly what that chap (it wasn’t me) meant.

Notionally, Jane write about Blackpool FC, she and Lee are virtually THE face of the Tangerines, but just as football is life, a trip to Bloomfield Road is a chance to enjoy all that life has to offer.

Like pies and gravy.

and the sort of beers that Mrs RM wouldn’t touch (see also: Saison, sours).

The obsession with chocolate and gravy is a Northern thing, no doubt, but Blackpool folk know how to live well, don’t they ?

In January Jane discovered Lincoln (some believe it was there before but I have my doubts), giving her a chance to show off her maps.

The Lockdown put Jane into a more contemplative mood. I loved these words in August as she reflected on 5 months without Blackpool, beer and baps (OK, cobs).

I’m sitting in the garden writing this blog (they’ve historically been written on the train). I’ve got to know the family of blackbirds that lives here – as well as the six regular feline visitors. I’ve found a blackberry bush that we didn’t know was here. We’ve finally got the lawn looking good thanks to Morty the mowbot. And it’s so peaceful…despite a cacophony of sounds, from low-flying planes to crying seagulls. It’s home. I’m finally home.”

Since then we’ve had some wonderful virtual pub tours of some of our greatest towns; places like Shrewsbury, Accrington and, of course, Burslem.

Some great pub ideas, and of course the Virtual Day Out in Accrington ends with chips. And haggis. Really ?

NB : And if you don’t like football, pubs or pies, Jane also does the best Ladies loo reviews (Spoiler : always better than the blokes loos)


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