At 3pm yesterday, when Mrs RM had her back turned, I sneaked out into the snow like a naughty child.

Photo : Wonderful Walkley

Don’t fall over and be a burden on the NHS !” she shouted.

Some of us wear appropriate footwear and have natural padding.

I DIDN’T fall over, but I did take it slow up and down the hills leading to Sheffield’s northern parks.

Just as there is an infinite number of routes from Piccadilly Station to the Etihad, I’m determined to find a different trail everyday from home to nowhere.

Imagine my delight as I edged down through the estates overlooking the Ponderosa, to the attractive sounding Martin Street.

and noticed an authentically un-woke pub sign. Oooh, had I found an unmapped boozer ?

Sadly, I quickly realised this was the front of the dead Boomerang (it’s not coming back) I’d seen from the back last month, long converted to student accommodation.

I suppose that leaving the old pub sign up helps the students find their way home.

Plenty of recent students out and about in Crookes Valley, where I slid down for my next look for a new pub to add to the To Do list.

The Dam House looks quite lovely, but then so does that Old Rectory overlooking the church in Stockport.

What Pub reckons you’ll get Wentworth beer here; I see only Doom Bar.

Image may contain: drink and indoor, text that says "bar ARLING ASPALL"

One for the list, clearly. Doom Bar is as rare as Bass in Sheffield.

Into lovely Weston Park, home of the social history museum and statues of people called Ebeneezer.

Some people were sitting down, drinking Starbucks, so I moved on before Derbyshire police arrived from over the border to make arrests.

Time for some modernism.

12 thoughts on “DOWN AT THE PARK

  1. The reason you won’t find Wentworth beer at the Dam House is that the brewery closed in 2016. The Sheffield Telegraph reported (10/06/2016): “Wentworth Brewery, based on the historic Wentworth Estate in Rotherham, has called time after being hit by duty and tax bills.”


      1. I’ll try to avoid facts in future. How about memories and opinions?

        I can remember enjoying their Rampant Gryphon at the Bath Hotel, probably about 10 years ago, but if you’ve read my review on Pubs Galore you’ll have gathered that I wasn’t too impressed with the Wentworth beer that was on at the time of my review of the Dam House in 2012.

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      2. Wild speculation works best.

        I recall the Wentworth beers in their flagship George & Dragon and the Commercial in Chapeltown and they were very good. But folk always want something new, don’t they ? (see also : Mordue).

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      3. I think I used the George and Dragon not long after Wentworth started brewing.
        Now though being too busy on new beers as “folk always want something new” meant they forgot to claim SBR and “called time after being hit by duty and tax bills”

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