You left me half-way through yesterday’s walk through Sheffield’s University Quarter, attempting to find things to brighten your day while Mrs RM messed around stripping wallpaper.

Outside Weston Park you get a colourful near cover for the Children’s Hospital,

and a rare University owned Beer Guide pub that seems to have lost the Thornbridge links but was a cracker on the visit that decided we were sending James to Sheffield to study back in 2017.

I’ve never been to the studenty music venue Harley, and though Sheffield Hatter has a pic on Pubs Galore he hasn’t told us whether it does Bass or Doom Bar so it’s another for the To Do list that stands at 377.

I nipped into a deserted town to pick up some essential Dunk Donuts, pausing to regret missing out on famed book and record shop Rare and Racy Nothing to do with Weston-super-Mare ’70s popsters 7″ Japanese imports, unfortunately.

Jarvis wasn’t well pleased when a rent hike pushed them out in 2017,

and there’s still an empty shop there, so no-one won there. See here for more.

Next door the Green Room has the equally sad turned-round Doom Bar pump clip,

so I cheer myself up with the Mr Happy donuts. #Shallow.

I’m astonished those 6 donuts made it back in one piece to Mrs RM, but that’s the benefit of wearing appropriate footwear in snow.

17 thoughts on “RARE AND RACY

      1. It’s strange that the landlords at the time appeared to be a great hurry to get the shop owner out and yet since has just become derelict!
        The Phlegm artwork on the rear of the shop is still there although looking a little weathered now.
        It was definitely the end of an era when the shop closed. Jarvis turned up on the last day which was nice since he used to be a regular.

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      2. And the SCART leads! Yes. It seems to be a quirk with Wordpres that I can put in a definite search and I’m never sure what I might get as well. I searched for Rare and Racy and at the bottom of the results up popped the SCART leads which I enjoyed photographing. End of a different era and weren’t SCART leads just an awful cumbersome design! Particularly compared to something like an HDMI lead. Anyway that is quite enough about the less than interesting subject of tech leads!!!

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      3. If I recall correctly, there was at one time a plan to redevelop that side of Devonshire Green, and it was necessary to force the shop owners to move elsewhere. But not everyone left and anyway nothing seems to have come of it, so I’ve probably got it completely wrong.

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      4. That sounds entirely right. The West One development, the Forum and True North, all taking that bit below West Street upmarket. Seen it happen in Manchester and Cambridge too; unlet shops are a bad look.

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