I’ve got exciting things to write about. A trip to the tip in north Sheffield, panic beer buying in Morrisons, closed Wetherspoons in Hillsborough. Bet you can’t wait.

But we’ve reached the stage of the year where I’m so desperate for blog views I trawl through the blog for those “Best of the year” features you love. Who knows, perhaps some of you cut-and-paste the pics to create calendars for your loved ones ?

Let’s start in January, when the biggest concern most of you had was whether the Manchester Beer Festival would have enough different beers called “Citra” to last through the afternoon.

Best view – Zennor. Before the locals came out on the street with pitchforks.


Best pub – Racehorse, Tiverton. Never argue with the Ladies darts team. Or a lone Otter handpump.


Best looking pub – Northumberland Arms, Marple Bridge


or was it the Old Neptune ?

Architecture of the month – Piece Hall, Halifax


Best pub animal – Crystal


Best Dressed Pubgoers – The Grayston Unity, Halifax (again)


Culinary highlight – A cup of scratchings at Stod Fold, Halifax (again, again)


Oh, and in Falmouth there was Bass. Yummy Bass.


What a great start to the year. And it would only get better.

17 thoughts on “2020 IN REVIEW – JANUARY

      1. Now there is a calendar we would pay for and take to put up in our houses. Unlike the one from Norwich(The Naked Ladies of Norwich) which we paid for but did not accept. The owner of the Ketts Hill Tavern happened to be October. She was relentless about selling it to us. Her husband was a little less enthusiastic. We gave in on paying for it but did not take it. We did not want to be banned from traveling without our wives.

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  1. Looking ahead to April “the cancellation of a physical Members’ Weekend, AGM and Conference in 2021” was announced this morning.
    Never mind though, they “are working towards ensuring that virtual events go ahead on the same dates” so on the Monday we will be able to imagine a pint of Lees Moonraker on our ways home.


  2. Since you’re going to be ‘oot and ‘aboot’ tomorrow, I’ll just put this here a few hours early:
    There is a certain gentleman… in England he resides,
    Retired now, apparently… and through his country strides.
    Exploring places, people, pubs… new music too, ‘tis said,
    But one stands out from all the rest… at least, it is ahead.

    And that would be the one called ‘pubs’… they’re on his bucket list,
    At least those in the GBG… cask ale, he will insist.
    And so he travels here and there… in groups or all alone,
    A pint, or half, he’ll sip or quaff… take pictures with his phone.

    A friend is he to potted plants… and ‘potted’ people too?
    Those ‘potted’ folk he’ll drive around… and help them find the loo.
    And when it all is said and done… he’ll open up his blog,
    Reflect on his experience… begin a dialogue.

    So here’s to he, unflappable… named for a certain bird,
    A fellow of the cloth as well… where ‘sewing’ is the word.
    To Martin Taylor, blogging king… I just have this to say,
    I hope you have, assuredly… a Happy Christmas Day. 🙂


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    1. I’m actually a bit touched, Russ, even though you normally save your poetry for the deceased !

      (and that’s actually a REALLY good poem, to be sure).

      I was tempted to change Christmas to Birthday on the last line but it’s best not to tamper with art !


      1. “even though you normally save your poetry for the deceased !”

        It just appears that way. I actually do annual Christmas, birthday and anniversary poems for my better half too.

        “(and that’s actually a REALLY good poem, to be sure).”

        (blush) Ta.

        “I was tempted to change Christmas to Birthday on the last line but it’s best not to tamper with art !”

        That was deliberate. 🙂



      2. Ooops! Forgot to mention, another reason I posted early is because there’s a good chance I’ll be playing strip cribbage in a bit. 😉


      3. Agreed. You may strike that from the record good sir!
        (besides, I’m having trouble winning)

        – Sadly, I do tend to go just a leeetle too far at times. 😉


        Oh, and thx Etu. 🙂


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