18th January 2020

The last day in Cornwall for Sis and I, and a last opportunity to enjoy the coast before it gets overrun once half-term hordes descend.

The view from my £31.59 B&B in St Ives was better than the dull, dull, dull cooked breakfast.

The sun following me around

A rare venture into Page 1 of the Navigator, and my first ever post from a place starting with Z !

Zennor top ecmtre

It seems only four years since we were on the B3306, enjoying pronouncing the menu items at Gurnard’s Head. Which indeed it was.

Back in 2016 the Ogleshield Beignet at the Gurnard’s Head Hotel said Michelin “pub” for West Londoners.

Zennor’s Tinners Arms is on the same tourist trail but looks a bit more pubby from the outside.

Proper Pub sign. Take note, Greene King
Outside gents
Next to the church

Slight warning sign, the pub is marked on the map as Mojoed Ltd. We shall see.

40 minutes till an 11am opening, just time to explore the cliffs and disused mine shafts ignored by the cream tea crowd.


Should have worn wellies to descend the steps. but as you’ll know I only had the casual pair I’d picked up in the Great Truro Shoe Emergency.


I apologise if the video of running water had you dashing to the loo.

I had the walk to myself, and 40 minute later I had the Skinner’s to myself as well, the “walkers” taking a rest between cake and coffee and lunch.

This one will divide opinion on the Beer & Pubs Forum.

Almost a snug

The sort of long one-roomer (new conservatory tacked on) that Americans enter and go “Ain’t that lil ‘ol England !”.

I nabbed the seat closest to the fire.

No, not that one
That one

Despite the cushions and the cooking, there was a touch of Newton’s Queen Head about it, and no presumption I’d be eating.

And the menu on the blackboard was written with £ signs, always a bonus in 2020.

Oddly, I went Tinners instead of Mermaid. Local correspondent MJC will be horrified.

Tight head

The phone calls about food started at 11.05, and it was quickly apparent I’d bagged the prized seat by the fire, not that I’d be interfering with the lunch trade.

The smoke wafted across the room in a satisfying way.


But my half was unperturbed, in fact improving from a 3 to a 3.5. Rationalise that.


But soon I couldn’t see my ticking hand for smoke, and it was time to leave for Penzance.



  1. Another one I know ! we managed to bag the fireside seat too (we have constant seat anxiety & very often hit the pub just after mid day before the 1 o clock rush )

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Perhaps that was a little over dramatic -I am quite relaxed when at home =in my mind pubs are always going to be as busy as they were back in the 70’s & they very rarely are !

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Pauline,
      Yes getting to the pub just after opening time gives the best chance of a proper seat although in high street barns there’s the likelihood of the beer having been in the line overnight.


      1. In the country so keen on the predilection for wandering that they gave the world Wanderlust I would expect them to abhor indoor lavatories.


      2. Etu,
        Yes, Germany is well known for proper words such as
        Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän for Danube steamship company captain.
        Why have four words when one will do ?


  2. Loved this one on my visit, maybe cos it had hardly any customers apart from an arguing couple and a professor of Choughs with lost students. You snuck into Cornwall without me noticing! Well played.


    1. You plan things, Si. My Sis said “can we go to Cornwall” and 3 days later there it was.

      Still loads to do, mainly up north coast and on that weird Devon border so if you need a lift….


  3. I know a lot of the pubs around here because Mrs B and I have spent Christmas in West Cornwall for many years. Best time to go to the Tinner’s is five or six in the evening, after the lunch crowd and before dinner. Good chance of getting by the fire as well.

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