After yesterday’s announcement I know you’re all worrying about the big day.

What WILL I be able to do on my 56th birthday on Tuesday (22nd December). I don’t know.

One thing is certain; it won’t be as good as last year.

Johnny Mathis brought a tear to my eye after a wonderful night on the Wirral (including Bass),


which capped a breathless month travelling the country.

Dec travel

Eighty (80) new GBG ticks and seven counties in December ’19; as good as pub life gets.

Previous birthdays started with the dulcet tones of choral Cumbrians, had the goal of the Century in the middle and ended with old folk in a Sam Smiths in Weaste.


while there were some truly great boozers in rural Poland in 2016.


But this year, I’m doomed, condemned to Tier 3 torment with neither ticks nor terrible karaoke to make my day. Takeaway beer is all well and good, but no match for a pint of keg Stones Bitter in a warm boozer.

So here’s a challenge for you.

Look at the map and find me somewhere to go on Tuesday.

Somewhere new, obviously. Somewhere I can get a can of Tetley and a kebab and scare pigeons (doesn’t take much). Manor Estate sounds a laugh.

Anyone who says “Waterbeach” gets blocked.

21 thoughts on “PLANNING MY BIRTHDAY (22/12)

  1. “One thing is certain; it won’t be as good as last year.”

    Sigh. So true alas.

    “Eighty (80) new GBG ticks and seven counties in December ’19; as good as pub life gets.”

    Blimey! I’ll say!

    “Look at the map and find me somewhere to go on Tuesday.”

    A bit beyond my pay grade alas. Though I’m sure you’ll get some ‘helpful’ suggestions. 🙂

    “Anyone who says “Waterbeach” gets blocked.”

    LOL! There goes half the suggestions. 🙂


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  2. You could always try Tier 4 Kent, if you’re brave/foolish enough to want to visit.

    Medway now approaching an infection rate of one in a hundred people! 😣


  3. Most of my athletic friends in Sheffield seem to rate running down the Rivelin Valley trails. I expect it’s just a lot of trees though? Hope you manage to get the most out of your day and the lengthening daylight.
    Should be going to Tranmere v Bradford on my birthday this Saturday but why do I sense that won’t happen?

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  4. Martin,
    Remembering the good cheer it brought each December at the Anchor I had decided on a Billy Bass Singing Fish for your birthday present but sadly didn’t think of it in time.
    Anyway, many happy returns for tomorrow.
    Is it tomorrow ?

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  5. Buy a South Yorkshire Connect all day travelpass and have a day on the buses and trams visiting multiple brewery shops… In the City Centre you could visit Triple Point Brewery and take the beer to South Street Park at the back of the railway station, you get get the tram-train out to Parkgate and visit Chantry Brewery and take the beer to the canal towpath behind the tram terminus, you could get the 61/62 bus to Bradfield Brewery and walk down to the reservoir. Sorry, scraping the barrel I know, so to speak.

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  6. Have you discovered Citygrab yet, the Sheffield independent version of Uber Eats/Deliveroo etc? There is a huge list of pubs, restaurants, breweries, shops etc you can order from and you basically pay for a City Taxi to bring your order to your house.

    Can have a nice meal and beers delivered!

    Another thing you might want to try, the Dog & Partridge are doing a delivery run on Tuesday of their Dog at home pub in a box, £30 gets you 10 random beers, snacks, a glass and some beer mats, as an optional extra they can supply bottles of Irish gin or Irish Whisky the pub sells that you can’t necessarily get in a supermarket. You need to order by email through the pubs website the day before and Connor the landlord turns up in person with your delivery (and a card machine to take the payment!)


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