Well, I really feel you’re with me on this “Hunt for a House : The X rated Northern Edition“.

Thanks for all your really helpful advice about North/Midlands dividing lines and 1974 CAMRA boundaries; it’s really informing Mrs RM’s choice.

Mrs RM had drunk 3 pints by now and was starting to say things like “Is Leigh nice ?”.

Now I know she’s been talking about “Hunkering down for the apocalyspe” since Lockdown, but surely in Leigh she’d be permanently living in it ?

We ended our house hunting on Saturday in Ordsall (pr. Od-sal), where youngest lad lives in a flat overlooking the Quays and M*n U****d.


My extensive research (Quosh and the Man City forum) suggested that Ordsall was relatively safe these days, but a bit dull.

Great parks, and a mix of historic redbrick buildings beloved of Morrissey miserabalists and ’80s housing beloved of Merseyside satellite towns.


See the source image
Interested in Mark Crilley’s view on this one

Despite the looming presence of the media, there’s a dearth of quinoa sourdough and grapefruit murk; one of the last two remaining pubs in the residential streets is more Mark. E. Smith than Tim Burgess (stuff your tediious Twitter listening parties).

Welcome-named for the Peters & Lee hit

I couldn’t persuade her in for a pint of keg Lees. She’s no Tand. Of course, if I lived here I would join local CAMRA and campaign to get cask back.  Yeah, right.

Instead we headed along Trafford Road, thinking what nice flats the Dock Office would make. Perhaps they already are.

Salford’s “Hoover Factory”

Matt had a burst of cutting activity on the Glorious 4th, but trade has levelled off with central Manchester still a wasteland at the moment.  Goodness knows how the pubs will survive, let alone the barbers.

Freelance, but find him at Maclures opposite Albert Square

Being unsure whether we’re even allowed to pop on the tram into Peter Street, we ordered our BrewDog burgers via Deliveroo, which is anathema to me.

No pictures of their wonderful burgers, but here’s the pet giant snail.


We left Salford, undecided on our future home.


  1. I gather from earlier posts that you were not a big Smiths fan, but in my college days my friends and I were quite devoted to them. And the Queen Is Dead was surely a peak; I’m considerably less fond of their final album. But yes, Morrissey has committed so many crimes since then, musical and otherwise, he’s probably managed at this point to alienate whatever Smiths fans remain!

    I have followed Matthew on Instagram; I could do with a haircut right now, shame I’m on the wrong side of the Atlantic!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They shone bright and faded quickly, I’d only have “How Soon Is Now” , “Reel Around the Fountain”, “Headmaster Ritual”, “Well I Wonder”, “There is a Light that never goes out”, “Panic”, and “Please, Please, Please” as classic. Which probably proves your point.

      I did like them, but they were leaden live when I saw them twice, and I can’t abide the nostalgia.

      Have you seen the use of “Please, Please, Please” by Dream Academy in Ferris Bueller ? Magic.


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