Oh, joy.  A trip out to lovely Leigh.  Something always happens there, even if it is just the birds hovering overhead waiting for a carcass. Normally mine.


Last time here was New Year’s Day 2017, when an improbable Greene King diner was making its GBG debut. Pleasingly, the traditional George & Dragon has survived into the new Guide; it’s the Leigh pub I’d recommend to a brave pub tourist.

Simple but nice Leigh Pub Guide

It’s joined this year by the inevitable micro pub, which helped commission the little pub map.  Well done them.

The walk up the main drag takes you past the usual Lancashire civic architecture, all of it awaiting conversion to a Brewhouse & Kitchen when the time is right.

Note branches growing out of building
Town Hall

Leigh Road has few undiscovered treasures, though the display of cheap vodka tells you quite a bit about the town.

Craft vodka

The best I can say about the exterior to The Bobbin is that it’s more attractive than that monstrosity in Holmes Chapel, and the GBG sticker gives it away (I still walked past it though).


I’m the only customer at 4.30pm, of course.  I seem to be interrupting the owner from his papers and service is rather functional. To be fair, he’s got his own private party going on, with “Voodoo Child” and “You can’t always get what you want” on the playlist.  Good taste, mate, and the Brewsmith is certainly GBG quality as well for £2.60 a pint.

Proper seating though, and plenty of it.  Praise where it’s due.

Rare proper seating in a micro

I contemplate the naughty corner,

Reserved for BRAPA

but there’s also a “happy place” that suits me better, being Mr Happy.

Unusual seating choices, I noted
Clear Brewsmith, weak lacings

Just me in the Bobbin, half the retired male population in the Spoons. As always.

A grand Spoons

I only popped in for the regular two flat whites and two loo trips, but can tell you they sold five pints from a decent cask selection while I was there, and the barmaid invited a regular to be impressed by her handpump action. Take that at face value.

Rugby shorts on display, but at least it’s League.

Ooh, shaky hand

But here’s the reason to visit the Thomas Burke, and indeed Leigh.

Beat that, Manchester

Yes, Bud Light and Doom Bar for £1.69 ALL DAY. Why would you ever leave ?


33 thoughts on “CHEER UP, LEIGH

  1. “even if it is just the birds hovering overhead waiting for a carcass. Normally mine.”

    You’re getting ready for the new season of Game of Thrones, aren’t you? 😉

    “It’s joined this year by the inevitable micro pub”

    It’s The Bobbin, innit?

    “Note branches growing out of building”

    Which is why buildings like this are usually described as ‘tree-mendous’. 🙂

    “The best I can say about the exterior to The Bobbin ”

    Hah! Guessed it!

    “with “Voodoo Child” and “You can’t always get what you want“. ”

    That’s a bit of a non sequitur. Surely if you can conjor up a Voodoo Child you certainly can get what you want.

    “Praise where it’s due.”

    Agreed. Proper seating isn’t the norm in micros.

    “Reserved for BRAPA”

    And anyone else… under 50. 😉

    “but there’s also a “happy place””

    I thought that was anywhere with a decent pint and proper seating?

    “and the barmaid invited a regular to be impressed by her handpump action.”

    No comment. 🙂

    “Beat that, Manchester”




    1. Thanks for that thought first thing in the morning Paul ;-()

      Ah yes, the Pound Pub. This is their spiritual home.

      And yes, fake brick & mortar wallpaper. To be fair, it probably feels quite homely when there’s a dozen folk in there.


      1. But “first thing in the morning” gets the thought out of the way early on – a bit like me waking up with a smile and that’s it done for the day.
        Of course Pound Pubs don’t get in the GBG as real ale is a premium product and we must all expect to pay at least three times £1.50 for a pint of it.


      2. The Pound Pub is now “The Wheatsheaf” (one of its “original” names) and I think it and Ember Inn.


      3. My mistake. The Wheatsheaf is an Amber Taverns’ pub.

        Much like Hogarths in Bolton. If you were to follow both on twitter they’d both tweet the same (sports related only) stuff out with minutes.

        No violence that I’m aware of. Other fact seems that the brewery that was based in the Bolton pub is moving to a Stockport location.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Not keen on that first pic of the clown/Pierrot thing -probably your new profile pic ? The Bobbin looks ok ! Nice to see Rugby League shirts in t Spoons


  3. Fun Leigh Facts…

    1) The closed and shuttered red veneered unit (which won’t ever been turned into a brewhouse) used to belong to long serving MP Mr. A Burnham.

    2) The Bobbin was original in a pizza shop just across the road, down a side street near the turnpike – the term micro was not small enough to describe the place. It existed on temp licenses.

    When it applied for the full license the police said (I believe it was them) that it was within the drinking zone and as such there were already too many alcohol outlets in the vicinity.

    So they moved, all of 200 feet, “out” of Leigh.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mark,
      No, not a snob.
      An unrolled vinyl banner made at a local print shop as an establishment’s primary signage above the door is just yet another indication of a micropub opening on the cheap.
      At about the time I started using pubs I knew a signwriter’s daughter quite well and back them any new business would budget a small amount for a proper sign to be hand painted, one that would look better and last longer than any plastic one however well made.
      I just don’t know what this once great country has come to.

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Hi Martin, you can pass this on if you wish but the Bobbin finally has a proper sign above the door, not a daft banner.

    Now to see it fucked by MUP.

    Liked by 2 people

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