Yes, proper lacings, a sign of fresh beer.

In a pub I’m going to have to anonymise as they were very publicity-shy. Telling you it’s a Holt’s pub in Salford hardly narrows it down, does it ? It’s in a village that sounds like it’s owned by a City legend whose first name is shared with a legendary Manchester pub.

I like to publicise places and pubs, but I don’t fancy the aggro, so all I’ll do on this post is applaud Salford CAMRA (again) for getting an uncompromising one-beer pub in the Guide, purely on the basis of beer quality. And possibly football urinals.

No beer poured here

I don’t even think the guest beer, even if they had one, was anything exotic like Wainwright or Bombardier.

One all you need

And why add slow-selling beers when your Holt Bitter is this good, and most of your sales are Fosters ?

The stand-in bar manager was having to deal with lumps in the Stella“. Sounds like craft, I should have had one.

A running comic argument between the four Old Boys concerned the lighting of the fire (“Don’t touch it !”), and the phrase “I can see a hose pipe“, which may or may not have been code for “check your flies“.

Terrific cool, chewy bitter, NBSS 3.5+, but it’s the “Mighty Quinn” ringtone that will stick in the mind.

Simon will love it; any crafties popping in on their way home from IndyMan would have a panic attack.

Long live Holt.


    1. Their beer is closer to my image of an English bitter than any other beer, and you will rarely get a duff pint. I think our view of Holt may be coloured by their dull refurbishments of pubs in Pub Curmudgeon’s patch, rather than pubs like this in Northern Manchester where food plays a tiny part of the trade.

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      1. The Griffin in Heaton Mersey is still a proper Holts pub, albeit one that is often virtually devoid of customers. 😦

        However, we do have some of their most foodified pubs in this area, and we all know which way the wind is blowing.

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      2. Wow, thanks for making this comment, Martin; don’t think I’d have otherwise known that Holt’s has such a special place for you. Makes me want to seek it out when I get the chance.

        Didn’t think anything could sound much worse to me than a Stella, but “lumps in the Stella“ has got me rethinking this. 😉


  1. I see young BRAPA has shown commendable fortitude for his visit to Barnsley.
    Instead of just sitting around complaining all day about poor wi-fi signals and iffy eggs benedict and that horrible Northern bloke who laughed at him because he was too soft to open a pub door he overcame his technological difficulties and just GOT ON WITH IT.
    The future of ticking is in safe hands.

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  2. Another urinal pic -you need help or perhaps a separate blog so us ladies don’t have to see such images =I really hate mens toilets particularly after straying into the one at The Rake -I was traumatised

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  3. “One all you need” reminds me of the Holt’s Bitter in the Hare and Hounds early this month.
    But one day isn’t all one needs in Manchester and so I shall return there for a Proper Day Out on Monday 1st April ( no joke ) and am booked to arrive into Piccadilly at 11.45am.

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    1. I’m sorry that my joy in solving your riddle led to my blurting out too much information on that, Martin, and I hope that no harm was done.

      TBH, I took your invoking the pub’s reticence for publicity as not 100% serious, and just a way of setting up a cryptic challenge, as you sometimes do.

      However, having deduced what I believe the pub to be, and having read some of the postings on a review site, I can understand why they take that position.


  4. “No beer poured here”

    Depends on how many pints the person performing that action has had. 😉

    “which may or may not have been code for “check your flies“.”


    “Terrific cool, chewy bitter, NBSS 3.5+”

    And, as you said, the glass when it’s empty is in praise the lord territory*.

    * (amazing lace) 😉



    1. JR, if you know some of the erstwhile, legendary pubs of Manchester, then my “rebuke” to Martin, in my post before last, might offer a further clue.

      I’d better not say any more.


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