Four days into #ReturnOfPubs and I’ve only left Cambridgeshire once. What’s going on ?

Well, it takes Grade II* military planning to determine whether pubs are open, if they need pre-booking (a no-no for me) and whether they will be playing 1980s M.O.R. soundtracks or not. I also want a free campervan spot a mile from the pub, thanks.

But I can’t stay away from pubs at the moment, even my locals. The beer is too good.

“Not YOU again” Twice in a week

I’d stuck a few quid in to pre-pay for beer at The Sun (Budweiser doubled up the value) so I ended up getting 2 pints of the Youngs Ordinary I’d missed on Friday night.

Then, I sat in the front, this time I tried the new side patio. Someone will complain about smokers outside soon, but it won’t be me.

View to iconic toilet

Seven pints in; five x 3.5 (very good), a 4 and a 3. I’ve put those figures into my supercomputer (though not WhatPub yet) and it equals an average of NBSS 3.5. Wow.

The Youngs was touching a 4. Look at the scummy head. Mind, it is brewed in a proper brewing town.

How beer should look

I drank the two pints in 20 minutes, chatting to a regular about Blackburn (Mill Hill to be precise) and Darwen. It’s what pubs were invented for.

Why is beer so good ?


Spot on. A golden hour for pubs, though with gentlefolk diners and older CAMRA members seemingly declining to rush back (as is their right) I wonder if the wet-led village boozers might just avoid the perfect storm facing the High Street.

Whatever, if you can get down to your pub (garden) now you might find the best cask for years. I’m not the only Pubman to note the quality.

Of course, while I’m an eternal Pollyanna, there’s always a Curmudgeon.


(He is joking. I think).

24 thoughts on “A GOLDEN WEEK FOR CASK ?

  1. It sounds delicious, and that Youngs you can tell is in great condition from that photo.

    I’m over in Wales so still waiting for everything to open up. Sods law I think work will take me over to England for a few days when the fresh cymraeg cwrw is due to be opened.

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  2. It’s all these pubs offering BBB’s; they haven’t troubled the guide for decades, but have been pumping out perfectly decent beer by the gallon to folk who only want perfectly decent beer – not something developed from the leavings from the local pig trough that you’ll only ever see once.

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    1. Scott,
      Yes, pumping out perfectly decent beer by the gallon to folk who only want perfectly decent beer and especially to the 84% of ale drinkers who want to see at least one nationally recognised ale brand on the bar.

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  3. Great to see you supporting your local RM.

    CAMRA could never have anticipated assistance from a pandemic to help their aim of a general improvement in the quality of cask in pubs…;)

    “…though with gentlefolk diners and older CAMRA members seemingly deciding to rush back (as is their right)”

    Hate to venture into a potentially controversial statement but should there be a ‘not’ after seemingly…?


  4. Great to read that your experience has been so positive. My (very limited experience) has been a bit mixed.

    Saturday evening I was in a local pub in rural West Yorkshire and we had lovely pints of Goose Eye Chinook and Ilkley Pale. Condition was excellent. Everything about the pints was superb.

    Yesterday I was in a different venue drinking Moorhouses White Witch.Usually a lovely pint. But sadly it was rather flat and sweet. I think it was what we used to call a green beer. Meaning secondary fermentation had not yet completed and the product was therefore rather flat and sweet.Perhaps understandable in the current circumstances and it will in no way put me off Moorhouses in future.

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    1. At least you’re making an effort to try. I expected some duffers. The Witcham and Milton pubs are Beer Guide and Spoons in unreliable.

      Moorhouses is a favourite of mine too. Like their Pendle Witch pub in Atherton.

      Of course, mainly it’s great to see pubs back but good beer helps.

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      1. Laughed at this: “and whether they will be playing 1980s M.O.R. soundtracks or not.” Do you think most pubs put a lot of thought into what music’s playing (or whether music’s playing)? It does seem to be the sort of thing that indicates the age of the intended audience!


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