Some artists are best known for their worst work.

McCartney made his fortune singing about frogs,See the source image

Bowie is best known for a gnome,

See the source image

and BRAPA‘s fortune rests on a single act of public urination at a Nottinghamshire station.

See the source image
Blue plaque marking the spot under construction

Despite classic blogs from Spurn Head, Kilmarnock and Gozo, my blogging highlight appears to be this faulty clock;

It stopped

Since an inauspicious debut in May 2017, “My Grandfather’s Clock” has racked up 3,569 views at a steady rate, outselling “Setting a high Baa in Edmundbyers” by 17-to-1.

Piercebridge Stats

Today it again became my most-read blog post of the year (so far), overtaking Pudsey.

It looks like 90% of the views are from South Korea visitors via this site.

clockThere’s a link in there somewhere to the George in Piercebridge, one of the old coaching inns on the Great North Road covered in Roger Protz’s excellent book for CAMRA.

Walkable from Darlington

I wonder how many of my Korean readers have made the journey to Durham to see The George for themselves, and been bemused when the five steps inexplicably run out short of the door.

Exercise steps

I didn’t even pop in on that first trip with Curry Charles (it’s not in the GBG), but made a visit with Mrs RM a year later to see if it had any charm to match the history.

The Tees
Atmospheric at dusk
Oooh, technology

Despite there being a couple of Geordie businessmen and a quartet of Italian fisherman as well as us, we had trouble getting served. The barmaid seemed to be doing the cooking, serving, clock maintenance and pulling of the pints.  I guess that’s what we mean by increasing productivity.”

Oh no, local beers
2 beers, either side of NBSS 3. Mrs RM got the better one

It’s pleasant, better than the gastro GBG effort across the Tees, and a lovely setting.  But you’ll get better pubs and beer in Darlo.

Anyone know what the pub scene is like (pre-Lockdown) in Seoul ?  Mrs RM was headed there in August before you-know-what, and I was going to recommend this;


Don’t the North Koreans use brewing equipment from Usher’s ?


15 thoughts on “MY GRANDFATHER’S CLOCK

  1. Wish I’d not read this -now I am haunted by a rugby song loosely based on this song -aged about 12 when I first heard it,I was traumatised


  2. Charles’s exchange may explain the interest in the post. Quite a great exchange. I’d like to use that question sometime. Simple, but deep.


  3. I remember learning and singing the song “My Grandfather’s Clock”, whilst still at primary school. It was the clean, unexpurgated version, I hasten to add, although I can just imagine what the rugby one must be like!

    Liked by 3 people

  4. When I opened this article, I thought it would be about a clock owned by your Grandfather. It was a different article to what I expected but still superb. Credit to your good self for not doing the obvious and publishing on St. Georges Day.

    I have always fancied Pyongyang as a tourist destination. Far better than places like Norwich and Oxford. Probably not as good as Darlington or Doncaster.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As you probably realise, Tom, I only recognise one day and that’s 22 December. All other days just exist and are completely irrelevant.

      I have a feeling Pyongyang would give good blog material, too, but I suspect Simon wouldn’t make it home (and WiFi is notoriously shaky).

      Liked by 1 person

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