Reading CAMRA again

I see our North American readers have been whining about WordPress again this morning.  It’s always something with them.  They should try posting comments on some blogs (BRAPA) which require you to pass an IQ test before being accepted as “Not a Russian bot“.

Technology causes me pain, too.  The last of my Malta photos have only just spluttered onto OneDrive, another thing I don’t quite understand.

So finally, here’s Gozo.



If Malta is the Isle of Man without real ale, then Gozo is Alderney* (or Great Cumbrae) with a craft beer tap. That’s not why we went; you really have to do all of Malta while you’re there and frankly the islands have less potholes than Cambridge does.

The return ferry for car and 3 passengers cost 25 euros, more Maltese transport bargains.  A choppy journey that had to take the long way round uninhabited Comino, giving us time for a coffee (60 cents) if not the Lord Chambray our local expert Richard had come to taste.  These Yorkies go anywhere for good beer.

Better than the selection on the Calais ferry

The skyline approaching Mgarr harbour is a sea of spires, with every village having an impressive church on a hill.

Felt sick about here

This one, particularly;

Rain on its way
Rotunda of Xewkija

Worth going to Gozo just for the sight of the Rotunda of Xewkija rising from the back streets south of Victoria, and the manic organist playing Bach’s “Toccata and Fugue in D Minor” for a handful of tourists. Not as good as the version by Sky, we told Matthew.

There were more tourists in the nearby Lord Chambray Tap, nearly all of them from Yorkshire and taking up a tiny drinking area next to the brewing vessels. Smaller than the Well in Mansfield Woodhouse, for example. But with better opening hours, obviously.

“Craft Beer Here” but only for Mrs RM
Probably Tickers

I’m no fan of tiny bars without bench seating, particularly if I’m driving, so Mrs RM had a quick half.  Craft and cheap.

Note the Reading CAMRA magazine at the top.  They get everywhere.

See Mrs RM reflected in the keg tap, appropriately

Their sole beer on tap (Nebula) was, according to Mrs RM, “Mmmm“, which proves that one beer on the bar is plenty, and that Mrs RM needs to start her beer blog immediately.

Lord Chambray

Sadly, Nebula wasn’t the 8% er. But was strong enough.

Cwtch to you to

A mile up the road (past McDonalds) you’re into Victoria’s Cittadella, the views from which were only appreciated after lunch served by a lady from East Kilbride in Ta’ Rikardu, which sounded like something I’d say to Mr Coldwell for a good pub tip.

Ta Rikardu. Gozo

As well as their gorgeous cheeses, Mrs RM was able to enjoy Lord Chambray’s San Blas** and a rose infused Gose, which was better than it sounds.

Chunky glassware

Here’s your views from the top,

Like a greener Sicily

and your coloured houses at the bottom.

Quaint streets

Tiny Victoria is gorgeous, though probably 20 degrees too hot for me by July and a bit lacking in Draught Bass. Lord Chambray seem to be getting their bottles into all the smart restaurants on Malta at £4 a pop; can they compete with Cisk at £2.50 a pint when Richard Coldwell has returned home ?

Along with a thousand other tourists (mostly Japanese it seems), we drove to Dwerja Bay, site of the Blue Lagoon and an episode of “Game of Thrones”, whatever that is.

The famous Azure Window had collapsed into the sea, just to spite us,

Fallen arch

but the strong winds made for an enjoyable hour watching French tourists slipping about on the rocks.

Proper coast

I’d have concluded our trip at the salt pans on the east coast, but our hire car wouldn’t have had enough power to get back up the hills at Marsalforn, and one of our party had already been sick twice.

We were back before dark, and enjoyed a Chinese takeaway from opposite our apartment. An authentic Chinese, with a fish tank.



*Malta and Gozo are more densely populated than IoM and Alderney, but just as compact. Don’t be a pedant.

**See what you make of that, Russ.



13 thoughts on “DON’T BE A BOZO, GO TO GOZO

  1. “which sounded like something I’d say to Mr Coldwell for a good pub tip.”

    Good one! 🙂

    And not even going to try and check on spelling with this one, what with Xagħra, Xewkija, Xlendi and god knows what else. 😉

    “**See what you make of that, Russ.”

    I would never think of impugning Mrs RM’s honour good sir.

    With that said, San Blas are islands “strung out” in the Caribbean… but heaven forfend I would make a comparison to Mrs RM based on that. 🙂

    “and a rose infused Gose”

    My wife’s name is Rose, but I ain’t going there neither!


    PS – Looks like a nice place to visit to be honest. Tiny, winding paths for my better half to inspect for quaint shops with bargains whilst I have a pint (or two!) at the LC. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Forgot to mention:

      “The return ferry for car and 3 passengers cost 25 euros,”

      The cost of a return trip for a car and 3 passengers to Quadra Island from Campbell River is about 40 Euros; and it’s only a 10 minute crossing!


      Liked by 1 person

  2. I hope you enjoyed my little bar – Richard’s place. Victoria is a lovely town. Parish Church is stunning. You’d pay a tenner each to go round the Citadella if it was English Heritage or National Truss (sic).

    You can tell the CAMRA member (he was Valentina told me they were) in the photo is a pub ticker, the latest GBG for Malta & Gozo is sticking out of his pocket and his rucksack is on the table, he brought everything for 2 weeks in it, including his sarnies and a pack-a-mac. He was with a party of beer tickers who left before him, 5 mins later he toddled off and then returned asking if there was a church nearby where there was an organ recital as that’s where the others had gone and he couldn’t find them. Absolutely top service from Lord Chambray brewery, Valentina got a young man out of the brewery and told him to escort said beer ticker to Xewkija church. Beer tickers eh? CAMRA Is definitely in need of revitalisation.

    The Nebula Brown ale is a limited edition – 1 brew only. Quite nice I thought with a distinctive peppery after taste.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Really you deserve some sort of prize for this: ” Ta’ Rikardu, which sounded like something I’d say to Mr Coldwell for a good pub tip.” –Half the pleasure is the pride I feel in being able to say I get it. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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