I know you only want to read about BBBs in grim northern towns and bucolic southern villages, so I promise this my last Malteser.

Sir Quinno asked if Malta was worth a visit.  Yes, and you need at least 5 days. Assuming you’re not going for the sun.


1) Churches.  Some of the best churches in the world, all perched on a hill.


2. Craft Beer.  This is the craft beer fridge in Marsaskala. To Ol for 5 euros. And Trooper.


3. Public Transport.  It might not be creaky and quirky anymore, but it’s efficient and cheap.

4. Caves – Great caves you can explore in Birzebugga if you crawl through the hole in the fence.

Ghar Hasan

5. Fonts. Loads of great fonts, as here in Rabat.


6)  Lack of potholes – Malta has 3.7% of the number of potholes in Cambridgeshire.

7) Chinese takeaways – plenty of them

8) Blue skies, brightly coloured boats


9) Cats. Loads of them.


10) Proper pubs run by Tandleman. Possibly.



  1. Fake pubs – Alexander’s is someone’s house.  Boo.
Fake news

2) Reading CAMRA, spoiling it for everyone with their Evil Keg.


3) Rain. All of February.

4) Nightlife is a bit 1970s.IMG_20180215_124723.jpg

So, a win for PROs.  Even with a week of rain and a grumpy teenager.




20 thoughts on “MALTESE PROS & CONS

  1. “so I promise this my last Malteser.”

    (slow golf clap) – well done sir! 🙂

    “To Ol for 5 euros.”

    I’m afraid I didn’t quite understand that.

    “Loads of great fonts,”

    I read that sign as British ‘pants’. 🙂

    “Alexander’s is someone’s house.”

    Seriously? (frowny face)

    “Rain. All of February.”

    So much for the blue skies then.

    I have to admit, it does look enticing. (thumbs up)


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    1. To Øl is a Danish microbrewery famed in crafty circles for strong hoppy beers Mrs RM likes (similar to Mikkeller and Brew Dog).

      I THINK Alexander’s is soneone’s house with pub signs outside, I went 3 times and saw no way in. No entrances at all. Very odd.


      1. The UAE and Sri Lanka were their homes for a while – both excellent places to watch cricket.Sri Lanka in particular is a cracking places to visit and I’ll be there in November for the Galle test and a couple of one-dayers.
        Their inaugural test match is in India in June.
        India is a wonderful country to watch cricket and much easier now than when I first toured many years ago.
        Afghanistan itself is still off-limits at the moment but I hope one day to add it to my list of unusual cricket venues.
        I’m also working with some chums on setting up a club tour to Hungary later this year which should be interesting.
        Of course nothing beats playing beach cricket at Dickensen Bay on Antigua with Sir Curtley Ambrose joining in and then watching him play with his band at our hotel that evening.
        Even Mrs Professor Pie-Tin loves cricket although she has no interest in it.A day by the pool while the rest of us broil under the Caribbean sun watching Ben Stokes losing his rag after being wound up by Marlon Samuels before heading out for a jovial evening of sundowners.
        Happy days.


  2. The rain bit is false news. It wasn’t raining before Martin got here and it stopped raining after he left! And it didn’t rain when he went to Gozo – I was there (It did however piss it down on some days and on one day whilst RM was over here the island received the entire average for Feb in one day!)

    Fair summary actually – Malta’s like Marmite.

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  3. “I know you only want to read about BBBs in grim northern towns and bucolic southern villages” –Ha! Anything written by the hand of Retired Martin is hungrily devoured, though it does pain me to think of you getting all your beer from cans and bottles, that I cannot deny!
    Mark C

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