Well, what an exciting month.  I’m even up-to-date on the blog for the first time in 2 years, though there’s an exciting post on VAR to come. February saw a new country ticked, a trip to North London survived, some quality Draught Bass, a rare sighting of a sad Sunderland fan, and the conquering of… Continue reading FEBRUARY ’18 STOCKTAKE, MARCH PREVIEW


Duncan will know all about the strange allure of foreign football team names from your youth.  Jeunesse D’esche, Nancy, Grasshopper, Shepshed Charterhouse… I’d always wanted to visit the home of Sliema Wanderers, the biggest team in Malta back in the ’70s, and now home to most of the island’s “beer scene” according to local expert… Continue reading A SLIEMA WANDERER