Well, what an exciting month.  I’m even up-to-date on the blog for the first time in 2 years, though there’s an exciting post on VAR to come.

February saw a new country ticked,


a trip to North London survived,

Drink up Mrs RM

some quality Draught Bass,


a rare sighting of a sad Sunderland fan,


and the conquering of Kelso (inadvisably).

Before the gin set in, Kelso

But never mind that, the “new” Car Seat Headrest album is out and I’ve got less than 3 months to convince a 16 year old to come and see them with me or miss out on history (see Postscript).  Why don’t teenagers take musical advice from their dads anymore ?


BRAPA  tonked me this month, after doing the Isle of Man in less than a week.  Simon’s heroics deserve suitable recognition, so I’m awarding him my inaugural Photo of the Month Award.

Pub Life

Stat-wise, just 20 (twenty) new GBG pubs for me in February, my lowest tally since the good old days when City could beat teams like Wigan. But not too bad given Malta.*

New Pub of the Month was the Royal Oak in Medomsley, near Consett.  A Proper Pub, with authentic Durham accents, malty beer and mince and dumplings.


Beer of the Month, from high quality options, was Greene King IPA in the Running Stream in Farnham, a craft effort from a small Suffolk brewer you should seek out if you get the chance.


Best Pipers Display – the Besom in Coldstream.  Eight flavours !

Pipers sponsorship deal nearly complete


March Preview

31 days in Waterbeach at this rate (and Mrs RM is stuck in Newcastle), but if I do get out I’m aiming for the following;

  • Tyne & Wear to a finish (7 pubs) this weekend (possibly)
  • Skegness (in the snow)
  • Hackney (to see Martha)
  • West Midlands (basically Solihull) to a finish
  • Kent and Surrey to a finish, including Stonch’s new pub in Rye
  • Isle of Wight (but I’ve said that before).


* But every time I feel I’m making good progress on the GBG, I look at this post from Pubmeister. And marvel at the master.

Duncan homing in on the prize


POSTSCRIPT (22/5/18)

Matthew did come with me to see Car Seat Headrest last night in Cambridge, and was clearly as awestruck as I was.  Even if he didn’t stand at the front with the kidz.  The best night of my life (apart from the one in Prestatyn’s Halcyon Quest I will never tell you about at this rate).


“The ocean washed over your grave”
“Dressed up to the nines”

As Jon Landau said “I have seen the future of rock’n’roll.  And it isn’t George Ezra“.

The middle-aged bloke chatting about how seminal Fleetwood Mac’s “Tango in the Night” is can do one.










  1. On fire this month Martin – the break in sun-drenched Malta obviously did you good.
    I wonder if Russ might consider a monthly round-up of his best typo spots and descriptions of his wife’s latest ailments ?
    He might also answer the question on everyone’s lips – is Justin Trudeau as big a tosser as he appears to be ?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah. Makes sense. There’s a suburban house in Waterbeach that was showing on Facebook as a small licensed bar recently. I assumed that was just a front for more legitimate activities like swinging and witchcraft.

        Liked by 2 people

  2. Your performance levels are highly professional! More than matching me tick for tick – I had a decade head start after all. It’s a Manchester City style catch up. Anyway the fun is all in the journey as your blogs amply illustrate (apart from the GK IPA obviously).


  3. I’ve just managed to extract my car from the car park at the Tynemouth Lodge and the snow is far less frequent although the Metro is still in meltdown due to the cold. Saturday is looking better.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Martin,
    I must have been lucky because I’ve come across that craft effort from a small Suffolk brewer a few times over the years. In 1973 the Cambridge Arms in Cambridge was where I first found it on handpump rather than the usual top pressure but now somehow it’s even on permanently in two pubs within three miles of me.
    If they all look as miserable as sin in Solihull it’s because after 45 years they’ve still not got over being put in a Metropolitan County. I’ve been to the Red Lion at nearby Knowle a few times.


  5. “Drink up Mrs RM”

    No offense but that’s a classic. (thumbs up) 🙂

    “Why don’t teenagers take musical advice from their dads anymore ?”

    Anymore? (shakes head)

    “was Greene King IPA in the Running Stream in Farnham,”

    Even from this side of the pond that’s a still a bit of a shock to read. 😉

    “the Besom in Coldstream. ”

    I’m sorry but every time I see “Besom” my brain reads it as bosom. 🙂

    “Duncan homing in on the prize”

    Good Lord! Impressive! (doffs hat)



  6. I have got a few things to pick up on on this post Martin.
    The sea looks too blue.
    Is that woman real in the pub in cambridge,if she was and walked round Stapleford looking like that she would be picked on.
    The table skittle table is false,i was quite good at table skittles and me and mates played in the Ilkeston table skittle league,that table is half size of what it should be.
    Brapa done isle of Man,no chance,he only did the GBG pubs so loads of pubs not done.
    If me and the wife had gone there we would have said nearly done the Isle of man if we missed a couple of villages and done all pubs in Dougals,Ramsay and Castletown.
    We did 160 pubs in Edinburgh in a week and was nowhere near doing it.
    I still love the blog though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Malta pic is artificially coloured by google, I just like it. The lady is doing some Ghost tours in Oxford last week (I think).

      You’re spot on about Isle of Man, Alan. Simon, Duncan and I only do GBG pubs and are lightweights compared to you.

      The 160 pubs in a week still makes me laugh !


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