A few exciting reports from my mega-ticking excursion to Scotland last week, starting with Piercebridge, which you may remember from last year, or from Roger Protz’s excellent book on the A1 pubs.

As essential as ever.

Piercebridge popped back in my mind as we drove up the (newly re-opened) B6275 towards the Scottish borders on Monday night. Largely because that old post has recently been getting half a dozen views a day a year on.

In case you wondered, these are the countries of origin of today’s views of my blog.  The European Union visitor is a mystery.


Clearly I treasure my Canadian visitor more than all the others put together, but it’s the South Korean readers that intrigue me.  They seem to come via a reference to my post in this website, which is worth a look*.할아버지의%20낡은%20시계

I guess it’s a Korean explanation of the old nursery rhyme about the Grandfather clock, which has somehow picked up my reference to The George, which houses that very dead timepiece. Not that I can see any reference in there.

The George

A year ago I’d nipped in for a photo, so I thought I owed them the price of a pint.  And the pub, and the Tees, looked gorgeous in the sunset. And we needed a “comfort break“.


View from the stone bridge
The Tees

It’s an old-fashioned hotel bar, but pleasant enough.  No-one at all dining though.


Despite there being a couple of Geordie businessmen and a quartet of Italian fisherman as well as us, we had trouble getting served. The barmaid seemed to be doing the cooking, serving, clock maintenance and pulling of the pints.  I guess that’s what we mean by increasing productivity.

Two beers is plenty
Here’s your samples, Mrs RM

Mrs RM tried the local beers (the George OK, the Golden Ale very good indeed), while I tried to get the Grandfather clock to work by staring at it.

But the clock, stopped, when BRAPA arrived

And failed.

Not translated to Korean

Oddly, more pubby than the GBG gastro place over the bridge that had disturbing levels of public affection when I visited last year.

If you pass this way, it’s worth a visit, if only as a place with steps to help you dismount and remount your horse.


And for the views.


*I cannot be held responsible if you choose to visit this site and see offensive images of Wayne Rooney attempting to win the ball on Sunday.



  1. “Clearly I treasure my Canadian visitor more than all the others put together, ”

    (waves fan in front of face) Tra-la good sir! (blush)

    “The Tees”

    I know Scotland is known for some difficult golf courses (since they invented it) but that par is ridiculous! (LOL)

    “which has somehow picked up my reference to The George”

    Yep. You’re the link at the end of part 2 on the page.

    “if only as a place with steps to help you dismount and remount your horse.”

    Either that or this is a subtle reference to that famous Canadian location poem “Antigonish”. 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Looks like a nice place with decent beer and views, albeit with a dismal legend about a dead bloke and a broken clock.
    Incidentally, you seem to have at least the first stage as I do for making broken things work. These are:
    1.Give it a hard stare. You’ve tried this, so move on to:
    2. Spray it with WD40.
    3. Hit it with a hammer.
    If these easy steps fail, give up and go for a pint.


  3. That’s our Martin, “Big In Korea,” as we like to call him.

    Russ, I think you need to rally the Canadian pub-loving troops, surely your fine nation deserves the #3 spot. But measured by steadfastness/quality/quantity of comments, I think you put Canada at #1 all on your own. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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