Not sure where March went, and I’ve a series of Scottish posts still to bring you, including two really great pubs among the NBSS 1 dross, so my highlights package is more C4 than Sky today.

And it’s being typed in a Tonbridge Premier Inn by the light from my I-Phone torch while drunk, so expect the worst.

March Stats58 (fifty-eight) new GBG pubs, 21 different counties, finishing off GBG chapters for Derbyshire, Oxon, Surrey, Tyne & Wear, West Midlands and East Yorkshire. Which sounds good, but unhealthy progress.

Some detailed social observation work in Solihull, Skegness and North Hull was memorable, but the highlight of the month was the sunset over Sheppey.


The view from the Monks Walk to Beverley Minster was equally inspiring,


and that classic town pub would have been my New Pub of the Month if nor for this one;

The Lion O’Morfe had it all. It’s in Salop, it’s full of farmers, serves trad beer and feels like your Aunt’s house. Possibly an undiscovered classic.

Best beer of the month came from the last pull from the barrel in a micro pub in Whitley Bay. Yet another Dire Straits reference on this blog.

And you do the walk…

Mrs RM has accompanied me on several of my trips, singing along to Dire Straits and Belinda Carlisle in northern pubs. (Bootleg tapes still available for £3.50 plus P&P.)



April starts with a tour of Marston’s Banks’s Brewery and some classic Wolves craft beer huts and micros with Mudgie, Mudge, Ricardo, Hardy, Tom Cobbley and all. Lock up your gap-toothed daughters, Wolvo.

Then we have a week in the Campervan while youngest son is off with his college, probably targeting west Dorset, a weak spot for me.

April 18-21 is the East Anglian Beer Festival at Bury St. Edmunds, another campervan caper.

I should be able to complete Herefordshire, the Sussexes, Kent and Staffs, and the Isle of Wight. We’ll always have the Isle of Wight.

And proper handwash

And best of all, I get to see Thyla for free in the Purple Turtle in Reading with Sir Quinno.


  1. Two months to England’s first World Cup match.
    You haven’t got long visiting pubs before the hysteria and inevitable penalty disappointment sets in.


  2. It looks like your GBG ticking is going well Martin,i love West Dorset and have done quite a lot of pubs there while trying to do all of the Palmers tied houses,which is not easy when using buses.
    I still hav’nt done any new pubs this year,i think you will over take my total of pubs done pretty soon.

    Cheers Alan

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I thought you weren’t going to mention the Isle of Wight for a minute there…
    ..nearer than Malta but a lot harder to get to…
    …until Easy Jet start flying to Sandown Airport…
    ..or buy some seaplanes…


  4. “but the highlight of the month was the sunset over Sheppey.”

    That and the photo from outside Monks Walk were very good. (thumbs up)


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  5. Wot no spreadsheet?! Good work. I love the Palmer’s pubs in Dorset too. The Copper is a very distinctive beer and the new Long Hop drank well over this weekend when we saw it.


    1. If you would like,take a look at my blog The Never Ending Pub Crawl, i did a blog on the Palmers tied houses i have done 34 with photos of 33 of them with a short description and the Palmers beers i had.

      Cheers Alan

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Just read it Alan- great stuff. Been to most but by no means all of those, most recently the very good Oddfellows in Bridport last week. Impressed by your posts and dedication – have you kept a record of how many pubs you have visited in total?


  6. I’ve seen a good many references to Dire Straits in your blog and Simon’s, but can’t seem to determine if either of you like their music, or dislike it, or just find them an eminently pub-worthy band somehow. 🙂


  7. Re pubmeister

    Many thanks for reading my blog and liking it.
    I have a written record of all pubs i have been in since May 1982,i have now been in 12,648 different pubs,the Cardinals Hat in Lincoln was the last new pub i did with my wife on the 9th December 2017.
    I have also took photos of well over 10,500 pubs i have been in.
    I would be very interested as to how many pubs you have been in.

    Cheers Alan


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