24th January 2020

I can sense reader US “retired” Dave shaking with rage after four craft beer bars in a row on this site (calm down Dave), so this next one is dedicated to him.

Friday. Manchester Beer Festival day. Would I go and drink daft DIPAs or have a few halves of sensible 3.6% bitters ? You never can tell.

Hfx to Man
Norther train actually runs shocker !

Two things happened on the Northern rattler to Victoria. Apart from the WiFi not working, obviously.

My lad texted to say he’d meet for lunch. And reading Irish Sea Dave’s tweets from Ordsall (2 minutes from Matt’s flat) made be suddenly keen to visit a Proper Pub.

Dave, along with Quosh, is the king of the Lancashire estate pub, and you should always bump into him when you’re within half a mile of his latest flat roof conquest.

We arranged to meet in the Egerton Arms, your last Proper Salford Pub before entering Manchester.


A ten minute stroll along the west bank of the Irwell, punctuated with the odd stop to think “Wonder what’s in there ?”.

Rover’s Return – good name for a pub

Holt Bitter on in the Rover’s Return, somehow appropriate, I thought.

Red brick wonders near the Lowry Hotel

The Egerton had a year of glory in the Guide a couple of years ago, possibly as a nod of approval for offering a guest beer. A Holt pub doesn’t need to offer a guest beer.

I don’t give two hoots for the guests

You don’t come to the Egerton for beer choice. You come for Pub.


United pics on the wall (fair enough, you’re in Salford), a Budweiser flag, ’80s pop, out-of-breath regulars. And a cool, creamy half (NBSS 3).


Dave turned up two minutes later, showed even less hesitation about ordering the Holt, and we settled down to compare notes on,well, everything,

I was bemused by why his beer had a creamier head than mine, but I didn’t dwell on it.

Something to do with science

By this time Matt had made the tram trip from Didsbury to St Peters, and we met up at the Abercromby, which I’m starting to think is in my Top 5 Manchester pubs. Cosy, multi-roomed, students and Old Boys, a very good TT Landlord.

Shame Matt had to spoil it by asking for a Hop House 13. Sometimes I feel I’ve failed as a father.

Image result for hop house 13

22 thoughts on “TWO HALTS, TWO HOLT’S

      1. Yes, a very good pint of Holt’s in the Hare and Hounds. We like Holt’s very much. I have been to Manchester twice and have not been to the Abercomby. Dave keeps teasing me with it, but wants it to himself.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Holts Bitter was £3 in the newly refurbished Queens opposite Macclesfield railway station last Saturday – and from firkins not hogsheads there nowadays.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Hare and Hounds hands down! Great pint there. I appreciate your throwing me a bone, but I am still singed by you awarding my wife the Pubman of the year award. Dick had to have surgery to soften the blow.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You mean they were both headed for Maidenhead until Mrs. RM got employed there?
        Nobody trying to avoid you would head for Manchester. They would just stay in Cambridge.


  2. Stayed at the Egerton Arms 2 years ago whilst I did my annual week helping at the Manchester Winter Beer Festival (missed seeing you this year Martin). It’s a cracking traditional boozer and I love the sign that in the day the refurbished toilets were opened by I think Stan Ogden from Coronation Street.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ll be honest, I nearly popped in just to say hello to you and the Tand after I got back from Marple, but it catches up with you, doesn’t it?

      A very Corrie boozer, the Egerton. I’m waiting for Citra to tell me i shoulda had Citra.


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