23rd January 2020

You’ll never see one of these posts in a local CAMRA magazines.

For a start, a basic appreciation of east and west (nearest the window) and historic counties is required. But mainly, I can’t be bothered with reporting beer ranges and strengths, the dates things opened and shut, or pictures of middle-aged men holding glasses up and saying “Cheers !”.

I can’t even tell you who had joined our crawl of new Halifax, and have singularly failed to capture Chris Dyson’s hat.

Halifa trail

After the GBG tick at the Stod Fold Chris led us confidently towards two preemptive ticks craft bars that had opened since my last visit a year ago.

They’re so new that Bing Maps hasn’t heard of them, so I’ve marked up Pediwear and the Uniform Shop on the OS extract. Who knows, Pediwear will probably be a bar selling the Burton amber nectar in 2021.

Another Jim, as amiable as the other one introduced in Hebden, made a request stop at the Grayston Unity.

Some memories for Pauline

My favourite of the ‘Fax newbies, with its peerless toilet, the UK’s smallest live music room, impeccable taste,

Number 10 ! Number 1 in our hearts 4ever

and the rare trick of appealing to all ages.

Well dressed gents bemused by my choice of coffee

Even Duncan, the Peter Pan of Pubbing.

A black coffee for me, I need to pace myself as I approach middle age.

Does not exist according to Bing Maps

A couple of minutes to the new, shiny, Westgate Arcade where the classy Kobenhavn greets us with a beer board that reminds me of the screens I had to read from at my sight test yesterday.

“I see a P, an O”

I could read “Pomona” so had that, while other members of our group stood aimlessly at the bar asking for tasters.

A cool and crisp 3.5 for me

Everyone said “Hiya pal” or “Hiya mate” in Halifax, a friendly place unrecognisable from the 90s.

The row of new bars from Piece Hall to the Victorian is a stunning row of craft where everyone feels welcome, even Curry Charles when he did it on his own recently.

But you need to know when to stop. You can have craft bar Overkill, you know.


No Motorhead but plenty of Jam in Revo Records

We finished round the corner in the Meandering Bear, a sort of weird nephew of the Grayston.

Nice sign

Another relaxed atmosphere, another crowded beer board, this time handwritten.

Oooh, more Pomona

For 20 minutes I sat on my own in a seat while PubMen stood arguing over hopping rates and Halifax left-backs at the bar.

Nearly fell asleep here to be honest

Before I joined them at the bar for a nightcap that turned into two, culminating in the Elland 1872 and some murk. All good.


But finally it was just Duncan and me left, and I had to drag him kicking and screaming past the door to the Piece Hall (“There’s a new gin bar in there that opens ’till 1 and sells Mallinsons !“).


Talking of the Piece Hall…

A modern wonder of the world


  1. I don’t know if the Grayston Unity refers to this, but Unity Clubs were a thing once. They were Friendly Societies, usually affiliated to the Manchester base:

    There was a Manchester Unity in Beeston, Notts, for instance – I think that it was demolished in the 1980s.

    It was a pubby club, which hosted tea dances, but then moved into having bands on for a time.

    Perhaps they will start making a comeback?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That Wiki article is very interesting, Etu. I had the Oddfellows down as a quasi-masonic thing for people who couldn’t get into the Masons but there’s a lot more to it.


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