And, in the end, it all came down to Langworthy, an exciting trip over the M602 at 10pm. A year ago today I was at the Grand Canyon, and it can’t match this view.



For fans of great street names (see also: Whitwick), here’s My Street. It could be yours, too.

Note smiley

I’m heading for the intriguingly named “Tandoori House“, as I don’t trust Salford Chinese Takeaways (too cheap).

But how can I resist this ?  If you pop in a Sam Smiths, you have to follow up with a Holt’s.



But first, I order my curry.  Alarmingly cheap.

Not actual size


“Getting the ruby in first, eh ?.  Good idea”  says the Vaper at the Door of Heaven.

It’s very cheery inside, miles from manic Manchester, and there’s a pleasing lack of Christmas jumpers.  I’ll overlook the Man Utd memorabilia; it’s nice that Salford lads support their little local team.

Proper Pub

Ooh, look.  A choice of handpumps.

Actually, it was poured from the back room

£2.54 for a very decent, GBG standard pint of (very bitter) Bitter, but of course the Brook will struggle to get in the Guide.  More’s the pity.

Band Aid plays, a pool ball flies off the table, people laugh.  Some of them are City fans.

Note retro City away shirt

The Ashley Brook has a slightly younger crowd than the Sam’s, make of that what you will, but you sense that generations of regulars get on with each other here.

This is, and always will be, arseholes corner” announces someone at the dart board.

The “Summer of ’69” (“Bryan was 3 weeks old then, you know“*) gives way to “A Town Called Malice” and I realise I’ve been here for 10 minutes.  My curry will be cold.

Sadly, I have no pictures of my chicken dhansak and rice (£5.70), but I can confirm it was chicken.

A great birthday.

Lacings in Langworthy

*I made that up.  It was six months.


  1. I once interviewed Ruby Murray.She liked a drink.Bloody hell,did she like a drink.
    I thought i would be original and took her for a curry on Brick Lane.
    As the poppadums arrived she said ” Every ‘effing journalist thinks it’s a brilliant idea to take me for a curry.It’s just as well I like them.”
    Of course,I realise for our North American chums this is all complete gobbledegook.


    1. “Of course,I realise for our North American chums this is all complete gobbledegook.”

      You would have been 100% correct… until I Googled ‘get the ruby in’ and found out it’s Cockney slang. 😉


      Liked by 1 person

      1. Russ,
        A ruby is often followed by a tom tit.
        And a gypsy’s kiss can be expected after a few pints.


      2. “A ruby is often followed by a tom tit.
        And a gypsy’s kiss can be expected after a few pints.”

        My dad always called them Eartha Kitt and Jimmy Riddle respectively, probably partly due to him moving to Canada in ’52. 🙂

        Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go knock up me olde Trouble as we’re popping down the frog to visit friends in a bit. 🙂


  2. “Note smiley”

    It appears the Americans have one as well. 😉

    ““Getting the ruby in first, ”

    That’s a new bit of Cockney for me. 🙂

    “A choice of handpumps.”

    Reminds of the Darryl/Darryl bit from the TV show Newhart over here years ago.

    ““Bryan was 3 weeks old then, you know”

    Little known fact. Bryan wasn’t singing about the year but something else involving 69. 😉



      1. Presumably the Premier League table – and the relative positions of clubs from either end of the East Lancs Road – is also on the banned list ?


      2. And is your team’s lack of form similarly temporary ?

        Maybe we’ll see on Thursday evening ?

        Are you going ?


      3. I’m going to be hiding behind the sofa till it’s over, like I did with Doctor Who when I was 9. The only thing City lack I real ale at the Etihad. Luckily we got rid of the dreadful Jamie Oliver franchise.


  3. Your street name reminds me, that as I used to drive up the A6 towards Manchester, there was an EAST RD sign, which some wag had altered to read “BASTARD” – wonder if it still does?

    Sometimes that’s all it takes to lift the spirits.

    Happy non-numerologist Tuesday all.

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