I had a week off the GBG trail after that Birthday flurry; pubs need help after Christmas, of course.

Then I was off, telling Mrs RM my destination was Henley so I’d at least get some sympathy from her.

Haseley Knob marked for the benefit of Russ

Not many people know this, but Henley-in-Arden is a little gem, a far better proposition than it’s big brother Stratford.  OK, Stratford has Shakespeare, whose spelling Russ would have a field day with, but you can see Nick Drake’s headstone just up the road from Henley.  HE could spell.

Like Epping or Tenterden,  it’s basically just one long ancient High Street, lined with trees adorned with toilet rolls and offcuts from “Rainbow-the movie“.


All the attractions are seen in a serene 20 minutes yomp from the station, but the average US visitor will be enthralled at how much oldness there is here.

Old and wobbly, just like me

My HUGE spreadsheet show the Three Tuns to be my fourth GBG tick, which surprises me a bit.  All four traditional pubs, none of your micro/tap nonsense.

Three Tuns resplendent in Black & White
Just a hint of modernity

The church bells chime for noon, and play a selection of Christmas carols, a nice touch.

I admire the timber/bench/table colour combinations on the way to the bar, where the young barman has clearly decided that Heart ’80s is what the locals want to hear.  He’s right.

Classic pub design from Ye Olde Ages

Wow !  Proper beer range” I think.

Stuff your saisons

How heartening to find a pub in Warwickshire CAMRA in the Guide on beer quality rather than rarity.  Classic keg line-up that BeerMat would enjoy.

Whither Beavertown !

Sadly, the advertised cobs have “run out“, my only disappointment.

One Old Boy sits quietly with paper and pint, I fall for the charms of Chaka Khan and Paul Simon, and Rudolph is a cool, gorgeous NBSS 3.5/4.  The red nose on the clip adds 0.25 to the score.


As I walk out I notice Rudolph has (temporarily) replaced M&B cask. Sacrilege.

NB The vegetable roll from the chippy is large and cheap but a bit too full of vegetables.

17 thoughts on “RUDOLPH IN ARDEN

  1. “Haseley Knob marked for the benefit of Russ”

    Thanks Martin but no need. I know what a knob looks like. 🙂

    “whose spelling Russ would have a field day with, ”

    I’ll have you know on a gaming website I used to frequent I was called by some the Basin Bard (in a nod to my poetry). 😉


    Or perhaps the Muppets meet the Mopheads?

    “will be enthralled at how much oldness there is here”

    With my wife’s birthday being yesterday I’ll have to try that line on her and see what happens. 🙂

    “Old and wobbly, just like me”

    I think Si’s trying to catch you up.

    “Classic pub design from Ye Olde Ages”

    Where’s all the locals listening to Heart?

    “Classic keg line-up that BeerMat would enjoy.”

    The cask range looks better.

    And with that I’m just under the wire to wish you a Happy New Year! 🙂


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      1. There were no comments or replies when I opened the page. I probably opened several simultaneously as I try to keep pace with the prolific RM.


  2. “The vegetable roll from the chippy is large and cheap but a bit too full of vegetables” – and hopefully full of other vegetables so as not to include broccoli. .

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  3. Nearly there.
    Now NYE is over the last few stragglers of the amateur drinkers are heading home for another year.
    Next Monday’s 5 ‘o’clock club should have a full quorom – I haven’t seen some of the old boys for a couple of weeks so it’ll be interesting to see who is still alive although Mickey Two-Sups has refused to budge for the duration.
    Delighted for the landlord – on the few occasions I’ve popped in over the festive period the place has been jammers and his hard work and investment in renovating the place to make it bigger has paid off.
    Anyway Happy New Year if you’re into all that bollocks.
    I stayed in to watch Hootenanny with bottle of Jameson’s – bloody brilliant.


  4. Looks a nice pub, but it makes me worry when I see only mainstream, with a Capital M, brands on the bar. Real ales that are fined and filtered to death so as to render them easier to serve and which, if analysed for suspended live yeast, barely qualify as real ales. If this is a Good Beer guide Pub then CAMRA members should be having a real good think about what CAMRA actually means. The original CAMRA members didn’t fight to get products like this OTB, they fought to have them taken off and to give people a real choice of real products.


    1. The original CAMRA members had jolly good debates about cask beers without much suspended live yeast – accepted at the 1976 AGM, rejected at the 1979 AGM.
      And then we got onto cask breathers.
      No complacency, or need for revitalisation, back then !

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  5. “the average US visitor will be enthralled at how much oldness there is here” –Very true! Looking at these photos, I’m ready to fall under the spell of the pre-20th-century; the older and wobblier the better! 😉


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