You’ll know I’d go to great lengths for Draught Bass. Even Maidenhead.

But I wasn’t paying $20 plus tax plus tip in the Gordon Ramsay “pub” in Vegas, so I’d given up on my Burton medicine for this trip.

Plenty of Bass memorabilia im the casinos to taunt me, though.

Main St Station

Of course, the Bass mirror isn’t the only great invention.

The Grand Canyon is supposed to be pretty impressive as well, but it seemed to have a few holes in it.

“Just four steps back. Back”

Not as scary as the sheer drop at the rim of Alderley Edge, but then Cheshire is a svary place.

Nice lunch spot at the West rim, but craft beer a bit lacking.

Pulled pork in the Grand Canyon

But, after a 90 minute walk,  at the chintzy hotel at the Southern rim, an unexpected joy.

Less than a fiver a pint !
Leaning handpump

There may be hope for these uncivilised Yanks, after all.

OK, it’s keg, but it was flat and not too carbonated. NBSS 3.5, only technicalities can keep it out the Beer Guide.

Happy New Year.

12 thoughts on “GRAND CANYON OF BASS

  1. Phew – that’s Dry365 done for a year.
    I love Dry January.For some reason it clears the pubs of a lot of the bores and leaves more space for us serious dipsos.
    So every December 31st I go dry for the day to give me liver a fighting chance for the next year and,of course,I also miss all those New Year’s Eve yahoos.
    5pm January 1st. It’s my favourite time of the whole year.
    Happy New Year Martin.

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