My last six Golden Pubs of 2017, and the winner.  Can you guess what it is yet ?

19) The North Riding Hotel, Scarborough

A fair split between first time visits and Golden Oldies on this list, and a fair amount of boozers like the North Riding. But a great mix of young and old here, propelling it into my all-time Top 10.

Life and laughter like you get in a community backstreet pub selling Tetley, only this one sold its own beers, which are some of the best made in England.  Evil keg too.

The second photo shows the state of my brain in the morning.

North Riding
My head

20) Bakken Beer Bar, Copenhagen

There were many great places to drink in Copenhagen; some of them even sold cask.

This one, in an artificial cave at a funfair, wins because there were people even older me and Mrs RM in a tiny cave like building drinking the Evil Keg, and the bloke with the hat is a philosopher and a gentleman.

You have the best beer in Bakken” I offered, in my slowest English.

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King” said Mr Crafty.

Mikkeller man


Old people on craft at a funfair


21) The Wonston Arms, Hampshire

Another newbie that seems to be a permanent fixture on the local CAMRA awards board, without being particularly picturesque or a beer exhibition, though the beer was superb.

As someone once said “It’s all about the welcome, stupid“.  This was the welcome of the year from Mr Cheery the Landlord.  The whole village was out in the garden.  I felt like one of them.


Wonton Arms





22) Rock & Roll Brewhouse, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham

2017 was the year of the Tap House in the Beer Guide, a young (under 50) person’s version of the micro.  Only with shorter opening hours.


Worst entrance of the year

Why is it great ?” said Quinno.  “It just is” said I.

Perhaps it’s the fluorescent colour, the chaotic furniture, the old copies of Smash Hits.  Whatever it was,it made me want to be there.

Wow” said the bloke on the next table.



Jimmy the Hoover



23) Waggon & Horses – Bewdley

Dick and Dave were there, which is enough for me, but it was “The Outlaw” that lit up the Waggon with unlikely tales of sessions with Bob Plant and childminding.  You don’t get many character like the Outlaw in Islington GBG pubs.


The Outlaw


I reckoned the Bathams was nectar that night, just as it was the time before.


The Bathams



which leaves us with the Best of 2017, and up there with the Dove for my favouritr pub;

24) Coopers Tavern, Burton-on-Trent

It had dropped out of the Beer Guide, a bit like the New Testament dropping the 4 Gospels due to lack of space.

But that was due a licensee change, and all is well at the great Queen of Burton Ale Houses.




Half of Stapenhill were tucked into the tiny rooms, the Bass was as great as you could hope, and the keg was strong.


Only one thing could improve the experience.

Taking your beer for a curry in Apne.  A great,great night.






8 thoughts on “AND THE WINNER IS…

  1. Love Coopers and the Waggon and Horses. Amongst all the complaining and angst about the state of pubs and beer people should feel great that places like this exist. Truly something to celebrate. People should feel fortunate to live in a place that has such wonderful places to talk and drink. See you in May… And August…

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  2. “The whole village was out in the garden.”

    As I can see barely a dozen people in the photo below that quote I’m guessing it’s a fairly small village. 😉



    Liked by 1 person

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