Denmark Day 2 – a trip up the coast to Bakken, the world’s oldest amusement park. Back in 1583, just before craft beer was invented, when the major amusement was the beating of critical pub bloggers, often called Simon.

On the way we stopped at Hellerup for Experimentum, and to admire the original Tuborg plant, now replaced with craft bakeries and street art.


The Danish do science museums and Danish pastries better than they do street art.

The statue above is clearly a warning against eating insufficient cake. Consumption of bread products, and beer, are admirable Danish qualities.

As is the provision of public toilets, for gentlemen at least.

In an act of foolishness, we gave our boys £30 each and two hours to spend it while we set off to explore Copenhagen culture at Bakken.

Yes, the “English Pub”, with typical English beers at entertaining prices.

Yes, the entire Old Tom range, yours for £8.50. Even Mrs RM wasn’t biting.

We trudged on, about to give in to Tuborg’s call when I noticed the Budweiser sign in a little cave selling ice cream under the rollercoaster.


A little cave outdoing the Lord Nelson for beer range and overall weirdness.


Ignoring the prices, we tucked in to some Ugly Duck and, yes, Mikkeller.

Our £30 went faster than our lads’ pot went on churros and the wooden rollercoaster whizzing over our heads.

You have the best beer in Bakken” I offered, in my slowest English.

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King” said Mr Crafty.

He also paid a compliment that translated as “You’re a flash English prat, paying £8 for a Mikkeler beer you’re not worthy of“.

We were joined by boisterous Danish gentlefolk, a feature of Bakken, the go-to place for coach parties and the closest you’ll get to Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

The coach parties were all on the Royal Pale and chips with mayo, a funfair treat to take your mind off the fact you’d spent £100 on fun. It would only get worse.


  1. I understand where you are coming from Martin on finding a great pub that nobody has told you about.
    I like doing pubs that nobody else would ever go in unless local,i went in a cracker in the middle of Birmingham on the 26th May 2017,the Peaky Blinder,very rough and older people dancing early evening most had had a few like myself,i seemed to fit in well and got into a long conversation with a rough looking bloke who was behind the bar.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. The Peaky Blinder may well be a new pub,my photo shows a smallish frontage and it looks like it is under some sort of walkway.
        It was a proper locals pub with most people older than me,no real ales i had a keg M&B Brew X1,which was ok for a last drink,also John Smiths on the bar.
        I do not know Birmingham well at all and asked directions to the nearest pub,i had been down to Redditch as it does not have that many reviews on Pubs Galore,but i found lots of closed pubs there that are open on Pubs Galore.
        I did a few places on the way back from Redditch and met a horrible landlord in a pub in Alvechurch which is no doubt in the GBG i got in the pub at 2 minutes past 3 and the twat who was in a private room to the rear came out and said we are shut,the pub was fairly full and i asked for a quick half,he refused,so i gave him a piece of my mind.

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  2. “The statue above is clearly a warning against eating insufficient cake.”

    The spiderwebs between the breasts and the, um, nether regions were a nice touch for emphasis. 🙂




      1. Most useful thing on Ratebeer was always the place ratings, but they tend to only be up to the minute places selling 97 beers where even the brewery is a mystery. Now that so many UnTappd places are verified and have live online beerlists even that is slipping in utility.
        All those Northern/;Central European cities that avoided getting devasted during WW2 tend to have interesting heritage bars of some type or other.
        Local place of choice in Esbjerg appears to be a listed hotel/bar called Dronning Louise (Queen Louise), which makes it sound like a Sam’s bar. Which would also explain it not being on Ratebeer.


  3. There may be two Peaky Blinders in Birmingham, i do not know,the one i went in had a very rough looking barman who had lots of tattoos,no waist coats or caps and the customers were very down to earth.
    I asked a tramp for directions as i had walked from New Street station towards Snow Hill,he gave me good directions so i gave him a pound for his help.
    Please investigate more Martin as i am now intrigued about this.


  4. It is a shame i can not add a photo of the pub to your blog Martin.
    I have just updated my latest post about me ant the wifes drinking session last Saturday,please take a look as the new photos on were meant to be in the original post,but i was unable to get them on my old lap top until today.


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