Having just told the estimable Scott that Dublin is more pubby than Copenhagen, here’s a series of reports on bars that were as good as anywhere, even if they lacked old blokes and falling over drunks.

The Lord Nelson is tucked just off the main shopping streets between the Tivoli and Nyhavn, but has the feel of a neighbourhood craft bar like the Magnet, Olde Vic or Blue Moon (for the benefit of Stockport and Cambridge readers). Slightly lived in/scruffy, if you like.

Five minutes after leaving Charlie’s excellent take on a Borough boozer, this felt like an introduction to the Copenhagen craft onslaught I’d been promised.

Grief, but it was dark. I’d had a look at their website so I knew they served something local and strong called Body Pillow, among what looked a totally Danish micro line-up.

These are the handwritten labels, and the candlelight by which you attempt to read them;

In Leeds I might have construed this as a rouse to keep blind old buggers like me out of their hipster joints, but here they were relentlessly helpful, offering me a beer menu with big type on it.

Nice T-shirt too.

This is the Body Pillow, £6.50 (40cl) worth of Oakham Citra with bite. That’s what I wrote, so it must be true. The chunky glass helped, none of your Teku nonsense.

A nicely mixed crowd of dice players, drunk Yanks (only takes a half pint) and students, though only BRAPA could have interpeted the Danish bants.  All very unshowy, and unexpectedly so.

Connoisseurs of dark pubs, strong beers and toilet graffiti should add this to the list of Copenhagen places to nip in while you leave the wife in McDonalds. Or vice versa.


  1. Another long standing gem of a pub though never quite sure why the Danes are happy to name a pub after the man who attacked their capital. Must be the famed but not altogether accurate Scandinavian tolerance.

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  2. Glad to see that you’re not making a habit of going abroad and searching out English beers – a bit like the people who pack Tetley teabags in their luggage (other brands are available). I haven’t been to Copenhagen for at least five years but over several visits before then, the Lord Nelson was my favourite. On my last visit I was talking to the barman, who was from Detroit, and who said that the owner was from Bradford – he implied that the pub name was some sort of Yorkshire joke. The pub has an unusual license specifying that it can only sell micro brewers beers, to placate owners of other places in the area who were obviously fearful of someone trying to compete with them in terms of their standard offering of Carlsberg or Tuborg.

    I do recall a solitary handpump at one end of the bar but it was out of use and I don’t know what may have been sold through it. I think two of the taps had cider from small Danish producers.


    1. I pack Ovaltine for trips abroad, Ian.

      Trips overseas are really an exercise in getting a wide an experience as possible.

      Interested to hear that about The Nelson license, it might have had BrewDog on cask and I’m not sure I’d have noticed in the dark !


  3. £6.50 for 40 mL sounds somewhat extortionate, even for Copenhagen? in excess of 90 quid a pint! Surely 40 cL sounds a little more likely, though I’d still expect positive nectar at that price

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