18th January 2020

I hope these dates I’m sticking up help in your appreciation of my epic journey.

Once I finish the Cornwall trip there’s just a write-up of a messy 3 days in West Yorkshire and Manchester and I might just finish that in time for the January Stocktake but don’t set your clocks by it.

Cornish completion – loads on the border

Keep driving ! Keep driving !” said Sis as we passed Launceston, which isn’t that bad, if you enter the city walls at nighttime with a guard.

The islands apart, Devon is my biggest challenge to GBG completion before I die (posthumous completion is an interesting prospect).

Plymouth and Exeter aside, it’s very bitty, and even those two cities seem determined to rotate entries relentlessly.


Driving through on the A30 and M5 you don’t pass a great deal, but Sis kindly said she’d help me tick the Blue Lion at Lewdown, about which I knew nothing.


Wiki tells me “The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle states that in 825 a battle was fought involving the Westwealas (Cornish) and the Defnas (men of Devon) at Gafulforda near Lewdown”.

I assumed the battle was over a can of Verdant Putty DIPA being smuggled over the border,

Can courtesy John

but further research reveals it follow a stamped to get out of local “comedian” Jethro’s club before he took the stage.

Image result for jethro comedian

On the edge of Dartmoor but avoiding the worst of the Chiswick summer invasion, its setting is as plain as the pub itself.

I can see for miles

Oddly, I didn’t take a picture of the outside of the Blue Lion,

Edit. Yes I did.

but as they say it’s the inside that counts. I think that’s what they say.

Don’t blame me

I can sum the pub up in one photo.

I love this shot

Well, two.

That bar looks like the grill of a Quad Electrostatic 63 I used to have

OK, OK, just for Old Mudgie, the pub cat and dog shot.

Perfect harmony

Decent seating, young and old, village chat, sports TV, decent coffee and the dregs of a decent half of Sunshine that Sis awarded a 3 and she’s never wrong on such serious matters.


Just a good village pub, one more tick on my slow but steady route to the edge of Devon.

If Duncan is the hare, I’m the tortoise.

Yes, press play on the video now.


  1. Winter, an underrated time of the year to be travelling the UK. If pubs can maintain barrel turnover, the quality of the beer is always better than in summer and you’re away from the crowds. Some lovely photos, in the last posts Martin.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Morten,
      Yes, “away from the crowds” .except in the Jolly Sailor on a recent afternoon when it had about as many customers as all Macclesfield’s other pubs put together.


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