Two down, one to go in Exeter, or Heavitree as the Good Beer Guide now determines that the Pig & Pickle lives in.


Looks like Exeter to me, mate.  And I’m sure the Royal Oak over the road fromthe new GBG entry was listed under Exeter last time I was here.

Twenty minutes east to Heavitree, but sadly I managed about five yards before George’s Meeting Room lured me in.

Spoons life

Yes, Tim Martin’s local Spoons, apparently.

He wasn’t there, so I couldn’t discuss Brexit the decline in cask quality with him.

But I can see why Tim would drink here.  Pedi, Pride and Mild.

Hoorah !  But not for the handle

Always go for the Japanese beer, folks. If you can use your CAMRA voucher, anyway.

The Pride was drinking well, cool and rich (NBSS 3.5), and I don’t just say that because you expect me to.

I thought George’s was a bit quieter than before, the students are back in the Home Counties I guess, but the upstairs level was packed with diners of all ages.

Take Pride

Very pubby.  Anyway, enough of pubs.

Who’s this ?

Tom Waits ?

And what’s this on the approach to Heavitree, Exeter’s Mill Road.


Nice bit of Art Deco for the connoisseurs.

Nice but no Woodville

No pic of the Pig’s exterior, but when did you last see a photo of a micropub and go “Wow !”.

Better on the inside, though.  Quirky, bustling, and with back issues of Classic Van.

Thunder ?

And nuts.

Tips in micros

Exciting beer list.  If in doubt, always go for the strongest first one on the list.


Even if it is a cider.  After consultation with the Pub Tickers Legal Advice Helpline, I confirmed cider would get me a tick as long as it was dispensed via a handpump and Belle & Sebastian are playing at the same time.



It was lovely, but I won’t be drinking 6.5% cider in every Devon pub.

I won’t be having a Chinese takeaway in every Devon town either, but you reach the stage on a Wednesday night when couscous from the Co-Op won’t do.

I went for the most attractive looking place on the walk back to the Uni.


Grief, it was disappointing. Not returnable, just dull (NCSS 2).

Bye bye.


9 thoughts on “PUTTING THE X IN EXETER

    1. Both really, Dave. There’s a link to the post from my visit 3 years ago in there (“Grecian 2000”).

      I don’t think Exeter has a classic pub, if it ever did (Well House and Brook Green possibly 20 years ago).

      If you look at Beer Guide the entries are spread quite evenly over dozens of villages.

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      1. I always liked the now-demolished Country House Inn – handy for the crem back when I had a season ticket for family barbecues – but everyone else with whom I went in there thought it was an utter craphole.

        The Barley Mow was also a bit of a classic, although not necessarily for wholly good reasons…

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    1. Yes, it was very good, though very different from Wolverhampton’s, and I would have stayed there in 2003 if their accommodation wasn’t beyond my price range.

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  1. I chuckled at your comments about the London Pride (“I don’t just say that because you expect me to”); but then I did wonder, does London Pride tend to be more consistent than some of its competitors? i.e. maybe not always great but rarely worthy of the potted plant.


    1. I think the Southworths are best placed to answer that, they probably drink more Pride than I do?
      I think it sells enough through name recognition not to be vinegar, but I rarely come across a really good pint. Unfortunately, Punk IPA or those murky keg beers are much more reliable these days.

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  2. “Yes, Tim Martin’s local Spoons, apparently.
    But I can see why Tim would drink here. Pedi, Pride and Mild”
    – and no doubt Abbot, allegedly Tim’s favourite. .

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