16th January 2020

Still on Day 2 of the Great South-West Saunter, now we enter Craft Central.

Incidentally, the traffic must be light at the moment (9.46am on Saturday) as you can apparently do Waterbeach-Falmouth in 5hrs 47. It can take longer than that to get to Cromer.


Sis was staying with Niece and John, but I like my personal space so I went for Telford Guest House in the row of B&Bs above Gylly Beach.
Falmouth is now an all-round tourist draw, the Ramsgate of the West. My most expensive B&B of the trip (£38), in a town filled with parents taking their tousled-haired sons and daughters to interviews at Falmouth Uni. “They’ll never come home” I mouthed to a couple from Antrim.

My two (2) new GBG ticks since my last visit in 2016 are both up a steep hill. Pubs up a steep hill are worth an extra 0.25 on NBSS, just as pubs which offer tasters lose a bit.


OK, it’s not quite Joker steps, but the view down Quay Hill to the, er, Quay, is pretty impressive and I love boozers tucked up side streets.

View from a hill

The Oddfellows’ (plural) is one of the pubs Sis did tell me I ought to do, describing it as “lively“.

Now, your “lively” may be different to my “lively” of course, but Sis is right.

Five at the bar,


1664 half-drunk, mascots by the pumps.

1664. My beer discovery of 2019.

It’s like being in a Bexley boozer before the micros took over.

With Falmouth under a craft wave, it’s an unexpectedly old school beer range. New reader MJC (more jolly Cornwall ?) thinks Skinners skews my tastebuds, and they’re probably right, but I always pick the beer with a cheese holder in front.

But is it cheese

The GBG ticker always feels slightly nervous about raiding the free cheese and biscuits and sausage rolls when popping in for a quick half. Which is why BRAPA always stays for a pint so he can tuck in without restraint.

Five mates at the bar, one drinker in the corner on the great seating, “Far Far Away” by Slade and a sense of community pub to treasure. The Skinners Porthleven was OK, a line I could well cut and paste for the next few days.

Pub No.2 was even further up the hill, giving the Seaview a sea view.


I loved this, and not just because they had Pedi on (and Doom Bar).

Beers you’ve heard of

If Oddfellows’ is community boozer, Seaview is basic rich (i.e. solvent) students pub. Oddly, I can’t think of a Cambridge equivalent. Perhaps the Maypole.

That overcoat is worth more than my car

See if you can guess the beer.


You can’t. It’s a Verdant Lightbulb on keg that the two cheery lads at the bar were drinking pints of, and I always follow the crowd.

Chilled but tasty grapefruit murk. An arguable tick, says Duncan.

Mark Crilley will be horrified, but assuaged to hear they were playing I Believe by Tears for Fears, very understated class.

And they had squid.

No scratchings for you, but there were Bonios on the bar

Is Verdant the new Wylam ?

At this stage, new pubs ticked, I could/should have gone back down the steps to my B&B and worked hard bringing you blog posts.

But it never works like that, does it ?

Down the Joker steps

Down there, somewhere, is the Seven Stars.


  1. before I even read your comment about the coat I thought “Ooh that is a nice coat ! ” We were in Falmouth last year & didn’t go in the 7 stars -didn’t like the look of it -perhaps this was a mistake ? Ironically we watched Joker at local flea pit there -the steps bit was brilliant -never expected to hear Gary Glitter music featured on screen

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pauline,
      The Seven Stars must be one of Cornwall’s top two pubs – but is “didn’t like the look of it” is because of the absence of all arty farty stuff like hanging baskets that might risk attracting the ‘wrong sort of clientelle’ ?


  2. You will have to come back for the Verdant new brewery grand opening in the summer, free invite if you crowfunded £1k+ and like grapefruit. Funny enough, quite close to where Rebel used to be, same industrial estate.

    Liked by 1 person

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